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Calling all NBA fans!
We are starting a new NBA society dedicated to league enthusiasts, providing a platform for all fans...
We welcome everyone, no matter if you're a Lebron hater or a bandwagon Warriors' fan!

We hope to provide a welcoming and inclusive place for NBA enthusiasts to gather and also promote awareness and the culture of basketball along the way. 

Our Mission 

  1. We aim to promote NBA culture in the university, and provide recreational activities that are associated with the NBA.
  2. We aim to provide an inclusive platform for students to discussions of the NBA, and for them to meet new friends as well.
  3. Why us: There are NBA fans in the university, and there has not been a platform for them to gather as a community, so we hope to represent students who are interested in watching basketball, veteran fans, and new enthusiasts of the sport alike, and support them as much as possible.