Hello Freshers!

Hello Freshers!

Check out all things arts, creativity & wellbeing with SU Arts!

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Welcome to all Freshers joining us this September! If you are interested in the Arts, getting creative outside of your studies, or looking for wellbeing activities to support your transition to University, we are here for you! 

SU Arts is based in The Edge, our on-campus creativity and wellbeing hub. The Edge is just to the right to the bus turning circle, next to the STV. 

Across the SU Arts pages you can find information on what Arts Societies The SU Bath has to offer and how to join, music tuition, workshops, classes, how to sign up and book practice and rehearsal rooms (for free!), hiring lockers for your equipment, our Postgraduate offer, and information on all the opportunities you can get involved with. 

Take a look and find your Edge!

(These pages will be updated in the run up to Freshers' Week, so make sure you keep checking for updates.)