The Edge Summer Bookings

The Edge Summer Bookings

We remain open for Edge members over the summer with a few key changes.

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Edge practice room bookings will work a bit differently over the summer, as the building is handed over to the University’s Conferencing and Events team. If you are sticking around, here’s what you need to know:

Edge members

If you have Edge membership, you will still be able to book practice space over the summer. However, some of our spaces will not be available.

  • The solo practice rooms (Music Practice Room 1, Music Practice Room , Buchan Solo Practice Room) will remain OPEN as usual, and are still be bookable via Agora
  • Any other rooms in the Edge will be CLOSED and will not be bookable starting from Tuesday 14th June. This includes the Choral Practice Room, Music Studio, and Dance Studio.
  • As this means there is no dance practice space available in The Edge, we encourage you to book the Loft @ Dartmouth Avenue as an alternative. Please contact us by email to book. Find out more about this space, including summer opening hours, here

You must have Edge membership to book individual practice space, you can still sign up here. Edge membership is open to all current students.

We’d like to remind all Edge members that your membership will end on Sunday 31st July, and you will need to sign up again for the next academic year if you would like to continue. We’ll send out details of next year’s sign-up when we open this closer to the time.

Society Bookings

Room bookings for the Edge will be closed over the summer period, though Dartmouth Avenue rooms will remain open on reduced hours (9am - 5pm weekdays only). Society bookers will no longer be able to access Agora over this period, but you can contact us at if you would like to ask about space.


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