Introducing the Activities Executive Committee

Introducing the Activities Executive Committee

Find out more about our new Exec structure and the roles available!

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Introducing... the Activities Executive Committee!!

This year the Societies Exec has had a bit of a makeover to reflect the changes the Activities area has seen, including the addition of a new Arts department and the Volunteer area moving to the Activities Officer remit. As we transition through this period, we’re looking for an enthusiastic and innovative executive team to confidently lead all student groups and support them along the way.

There are now four new roles available for members from both Societies AND Volunteering groups!


What are the available roles?

Development Lead:

The Development Lead role will take on a Chair responsibility for the committee. They will be the main point of contact for all Activities groups and between the exec committee and the Activities Officer.

In the absence of the Activities Officer, they will lead exec meetings, contact other committee members for agenda items and assign any actions.

They will need good relationships with chairs of groups as their main priority will be gathering feedback and offering advice on how to develop the offer each group has.

They will work closely with the Activities Officer to ensure any of their manifesto points are carried out in a way that reflects feedback from groups and incites the most positive change for Activities groups.


Outreach Liaison

This role is all about building and facilitating relationships between SU areas, (for example cultural groups with ISA, ethical and political with P and A groups) and between groups and students to help promote the amazing things our groups achieve throughout the year. They’ll be able to connect groups with the right staff members (cultural groups with Tess Thomas, groups holding events in The Edge with the Technical Coordinator or Recreational Arts Coordinator). They could also work with the Volunteer Coordinator to reach out to charities for volunteering opportunities.

They’ll work with the Activities Administrator to learn all about the SU web tools and then be able to pass that knowledge on to committees to ensure they’re getting the absolute most from the SU website. This includes tasks like adding events to the What’s On pages, sign ups and helping groups update their SU pages.


Fundraising Liaison

SU groups run multiple fundraising events throughout the year and as a charity there’s certain laws the SU needs to follow. This role will work closely with groups to deliver best fundraising practice and enable collaboration across departments to support projects and events.

They’ll work with the RAG committee and lead other groups to consider fundraising for the Big 4 when selecting charities to support. They can partner with the Outreach Liaison to promote RAG events like Sleep Out, Bath Half and their challenges.

They will be supported by the Activities Administrator and Societies Coordinator and work with them to plan fundraising projects for Black History Month, LGBT+ history month and running a fundraiser during the annual Masquerade Ball.

Arts Liaison

The Arts Liaison will be the bridge between the arts groups and our new arts team. Any issues with rehearsal rooms, show bookings or general Edge enquiries could be escalated through them. They’ll collate feedback from groups about activities they’d like to see hosted at The Edge and feedback to the Arts team to create an offer for the year. This could be looking at utilising the gallery space in the downstairs foyer, suggestions for SU Arts Discover or looking for externals to run events/workshops.

For groups wanting to book The Edge, the Arts Liaison will work with the Technical Coordinator and Backstage to ensure any rigging or AV support is provided. This would be especially important when working with groups that don’t have experience of the venue, such as RAG or LGBT+.

Volunteer Liaison

This role will be key to supporting existing volunteer groups through this transition. They will continue to be responsible for organising an event promoting volunteer groups within Freshers’ Week, such as the Volunteer ‘Meet and Greet’, but will have the chance to be supported by all other members of the exec while doing so. They will organise and chair monthly volunteer meetings with Chairs of volunteer groups specifically, and frequently communicate with volunteer groups to raise any questions or queries to the exec team. They will meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to develop new ideas and make suggestions for the direction of the area and represent students involved in volunteering to the Students’ Union Officers, the University, the Volunteering team and the public.


The Treasurer role will be similar to previous years, they will act as signatories on all groups accounts and receive training from the finance team and support from the Activities Team. Their knowledge will need to be strong enough to answer any queries from groups and they’ll have the opportunity to work with the Outreach Liaison and Development Lead to support event planning for any groups or the area.


If you have any questions about the new executive committee or are interested in running please get in touch with



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