Committee Election Results 2021

Committee Election Results 2021

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The results are in...

Thank you to everyone who nominated themselves in this election and the by election. Full results are below...

Sports Executive Committee 2021-2022

Post title Elected candidate
Sport Exec - Chair Matt Houghton
Sport Exec - Events Coordinator Madison Hughes
Sport Exec - Inclusion Officer  
Sport Exec - Marketing Officer Beatriz Leitao
Sport Exec - Media Officer Todd Lindley
Sport Exec - Performance Sport Officer  
Sport Exec - Recreational Coordinator  
Sport Exec - Treasurer Robert Preston
Sport Exec - Volunteer Recognition Coordinator  
Sport Exec - Welfare Officer Melissa Farid

Sports Committee's 2021-2022

Post title Elected candidate
American Football - Chair Max Mcmanus
American Football - Game Day Manager  
American Football - Kit Manager  
American Football - Merchandise  
American Football - Secretary Joshua Rhode
American Football - Social Secretary  
American Football - Treasurer Benjamin Lucas
American Football - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Linden Weyer-Brown
Archery - Captains Nik Kasapov
Archery - Chair Johanna Meyer
Archery - Equipment Officers William Solari
Archery - Records Manager Sanjay Shah
Archery - Secretary  
Archery - Social Secretary  
Archery - Treasurer Jessica Salamone
Archery - Web Editor  
Archery - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Dean Milligan
Association Football & Futsal - 6-a-side Coordinator  
Association Football & Futsal - Chair Charlotte Greenlees
Association Football & Futsal - Club Development Officer (CDO) Matt Houghton
Association Football & Futsal - Fundraising & Sponsorship  
Association Football & Futsal - IDFC Coordinator Dan Laws
Association Football & Futsal - Inter-Halls Coordinator Joseph Tutt
Association Football & Futsal - Kit Secretary  
Association Football & Futsal - Men's Football Rep Matt Talbot
Association Football & Futsal - Men's Futsal Representative Albert Duprez
Association Football & Futsal - Postgraduate Representative Matt Houghton
Association Football & Futsal - Rec Futsal Coordinator  
Association Football & Futsal - Referee Coordinator  
Association Football & Futsal - Secretary Nour Zaki
Association Football & Futsal - Social Media Coordinator Isabella Fry
Association Football & Futsal - Treasurer Helena Marenow
Association Football & Futsal - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Hana ElSoda
Association Football & Futsal - Women's Football Rep Mia Blazey
Association Football & Futsal - Women's Futsal Representative Kate Walsh
Athletics - Chair Jamie Sales
Athletics - Cross-country Captain Elizabeth Clarke
Athletics - Female Track & Field Captain Marcey Winter
Athletics - Kit Secretary Greg West
Athletics - Male Track & Field Captain Alexandre O'Callaghan-Brown
Athletics - Recreational Coordinator  
Athletics - Secretary Steff Fisher
Athletics - Social Secretary Benjamin Whelan
Athletics - Treasurer Caitlin Gallagher
Athletics - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Ellie Grove
Badminton - Chair Adam Shepherd
Badminton - Inter halls Coordinator Adam Shepherd
Badminton - Recreational Session Coordinator  
Badminton - Recreational Session Coordinator Adam Shepherd
Badminton - Recreational Session Coordinator  
Badminton - Secretary  
Badminton - Social Secretary Recreational Representative  
Badminton - Social Secretary Squad Representative Emma Hooper
Badminton - Treasurer Grace Newman
Badminton - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Christopher Millen
Basketball - Chair Rebecca Miller
Basketball - D-League Commissioner Harry Peterson
Basketball - Equipment Secretary Tomás Botelho
Basketball - Events Coordinator  
Basketball - Secretary Joao Rodrigo Bertazi Viana Cavalcanti
Basketball - Social Secretary  
Basketball - Treasurer Indra Peachey
Basketball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Ffion Platt
Basketball - Wheelchair Basketball Coordinator Ross Luckman
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Chair Sarah Brown
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Secretary Maria Komarova
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Social Media Secretary Anna Mear
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Treasurer Boryana Tsaryanska
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Trip Coordinator Isobel Dunn-Lowes
Bath University Yoga Society (BUYS) - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Fatin Alsagoff
Boxing - Chair  
Boxing - Competition and Events Coordinator  
Boxing - Secretary Heer Mahendra
Boxing - Social Secretary  
Boxing - Treasurer Heer Mahendra
Boxing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Boxing - Women's Rep  
Canoe Club - Chair Alex Fisher
Canoe Club - Coaching Secretary Troy Loxley
Canoe Club - Kit Secretary Nuala Pennycook
Canoe Club - Polo Rep Ellie Graham
Canoe Club - Publicity Sec Angus Masters
Canoe Club - Secretary Josie Martin
Canoe Club - Social Secretary Leah White
Canoe Club - Transport Secretary Oliver Townsend
Canoe Club - Treasurer Fraser Doshi Keeble
Canoe Club - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Orla Douds
Cheerleading - Chair Monique Phillibert
Cheerleading - Competition Organiser Anna Sutton
Cheerleading - Dance Coach  
Cheerleading - Dance Coach Liv Rippon
Cheerleading - Group Stunt Coach  
Cheerleading - Recreational Coach Annalie Weitzel
Cheerleading - Recreational Coach Hannah Turner
Cheerleading - Secretary Niamh Noble
Cheerleading - Social Secretary  
Cheerleading - Social Secretary  
Cheerleading - Squad Coach Rebecca Kalli
Cheerleading - Squad Coach Rebecca Miller
Cheerleading - Treasurer Dayane Celi
Cheerleading - Uniform Officer Rachel Talbot
Cheerleading - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Ellie Lewis
Cricket - Chair Liam Buttery
Cricket - Secretary Will Morgan
Cricket - Social secretary Oscar Welton
Cricket - Treasurer Arun Anand
Cricket - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Pratyush Guha
Cricket - Women's Rep Eva Solt
Cricket - Women's Social Secretary Rose Biles
Cue Sports - BUCS Coordinator  
Cue Sports - Chair Oliver Walker
Cue Sports - Competition Officer  
Cue Sports - Secretary  
Cue Sports - Social Secretary  
Cue Sports - Treasurer Thomas Malins
Cue Sports - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Sam Martin
Cycling - Chair Charlotte Williams
Cycling - Club Development Officer Luke Paslowski
Cycling - Events Co-ordinator Kieran Payne
Cycling - Off-Road Captain Robbie Cooper
Cycling - Postgratuate Representative Edward Clark
Cycling - Road Captain George Creasey
Cycling - Secretary Sam Hardy
Cycling - Social Secretary Renzo Casale
Cycling - Treasurer Matthew Clayton
Cycling - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Aayush Ganesh
Cycling - Women's Captain Amy Ellis
Dodgeball - Captain James Austen
Dodgeball - Chair Izzy Packwood
Dodgeball - Club Development Officer Lewis Hadfield
Dodgeball - Kit Secretary Holly Chen
Dodgeball - Social Secretary  
Dodgeball - Treasurer Jack Cooper
Dodgeball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Erin Roberts
Fencing - Chair Catriona Gilmour
Fencing - Men's Captain James Russell
Fencing - Novice Coordinator  
Fencing - Social Secretary Ottilie Kuehne
Fencing - Treasurer Ned Dreamer
Fencing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Catherine Bishop
Fencing - Women's Team Captain Olivia Wray
Gliding - Chair Amalia Maiden
Gliding - Treasurer  
Gliding - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Golf - 1st Team Captain Callum Henderson
Golf - 2nd Team Captain  
Golf - Chair Steve Stanhope
Golf - Secretary Alexander Wright
Golf - Treasurer Finn Fargier
Golf - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Steffan Evans
Gymnastics - Chair Emily Parkinson
Gymnastics - Men's Team Captain  
Gymnastics - Secretary Harry Maw
Gymnastics - Social Secretary  
Gymnastics - Treasurer Dulcie Canham
Gymnastics - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Lili He
Gymnastics - Women's Team Captain  
Handball - Chair Max Petersen
Handball - Competitions Secretary  
Handball - Kit Secretary Killian leclercq
Handball - Men's Captain Kacper Radoszewski
Handball - Secretary Maria Cundale
Handball - Social Sec Emily Perryman
Handball - Training Coordinator Kacper Radoszewski
Handball - Transport & Uni Champs Coordinator  
Handball - Treasurer Samuel Wright
Handball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Sean Rowlett
Handball - Women's Captain Maria Cundale
Handball - Women's Captain Emily Perryman
Hockey - Alumni Secretary  
Hockey - Chair Emma Ladd Gibbon
Hockey - Coaching Coordinator Oliver Bateman
Hockey - Fantasy League Coordinator  
Hockey - Kit & Equipment Secretary Erik Biggs
Hockey - Recreational Coordinator  
Hockey - Recreational Fixtures Secretary Sarah Wiseman
Hockey - Secretary Matthew Hay
Hockey - Social Media Officer Alisha Robinson
Hockey - Social Sec Female Emma Conlin
Hockey - Social Sec Male Jack Smith
Hockey - Sponsorship Officer Oliver Mcarthur
Hockey - Tour Secretary Ben Scriven
Hockey - Treasurer Jasper Moores
Hockey - Vice-Chair  
Hockey - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Lindsey Fowler
Hockey - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Lauren Wiles
Jiu Jitsu - Chair Hoi Ying Cheng
Jiu Jitsu - Kit Secretary  
Jiu Jitsu - Secretary  
Jiu Jitsu - Social Secretary Arran Kennedy
Jiu Jitsu - Treasurer Yen Huai Seaw
Jiu Jitsu - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Judo - Chair Louis Delsol
Judo - Club Development Officer (CDO) Chelsea Pledge
Judo - Competiition Planner Joseph Chraniuk
Judo - Event Co-coordinator Joseph Chraniuk
Judo - Female Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Chelsea Pledge
Judo - Male Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Judo - Social Secretary James Reseigh
Judo - Treasurer Louis Delsol
Karate - Chair Ben Martin
Karate - Equipment Coordinator  
Karate - Mens Captain Joseph Bryant
Karate - Secretary Catherine Yoong
Karate - Social Secretary  
Karate - Treasurer Christopher Perryman
Karate - Vice-Chair Seb Scott
Karate - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Martine Tran
Karate - Womens Captain  
Kickboxing - Chair Teodora Dinca
Kickboxing - Club Development Officer (CDO) Joe Knapper
Kickboxing - Events Manager  
Kickboxing - Events Manager Hasnain Lalji
Kickboxing - Full Contact Captain Charlie Carter
Kickboxing - Kit Manager  
Kickboxing - Marketing & IT Kylene Santos
Kickboxing - Men's Captain Tom Jerome
Kickboxing - Secretary  
Kickboxing - Social Secretaries  
Kickboxing - Treasurer Bilyana Chakarova
Kickboxing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Yasmin Stone
Kickboxing - Women's Captain Ana Sequeira
Lacrosse - Chair Annabelle Stoney
Lacrosse - Club Development Officer Niall Greene
Lacrosse - Kit Secretary Anna Hains
Lacrosse - Mens Development Coordinator James Parrett
Lacrosse - Mens Social Secretary Simon Chester
Lacrosse - Men's Welfare & Inclusivity Officer Thomas Hills
Lacrosse - Mixed Coordinator Emily Cole
Lacrosse - Secretary Anna Smith
Lacrosse - Social Media Coordinator Olivia Sattar
Lacrosse - Treasurer Koray Ibrahim
Lacrosse - Womens Development Coordinator Larissa Gaunt
Lacrosse - Womens Social Secretary Ellie Livingstone
Lacrosse - Women's Welfare & Inclusivity Officer Izzy Ovens
Latin and Ballroom - Chair Olivia Naish
Latin and Ballroom - Lesson Coordinator  
Latin and Ballroom - Promotion & Communication Secretary Ellie Byerley
Latin and Ballroom - Secretary  
Latin and Ballroom - Social Secretary  
Latin and Ballroom - Team Captain  
Latin and Ballroom - Treasurer Nicholas Hedworth
Latin and Ballroom - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Vicky Lawrence
Motorsports - Chair Finn Heard
Motorsports - Club Development Officer  
Motorsports - Kart Captain  
Motorsports - Social Officer Jake Patel-Skelding
Motorsports - Treasurer Stephen Mundy
Motorsports - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Cheuk Lun Ko
Mountaineering - Chair Jon White
Mountaineering - Climbing Secretary Emma Hill
Mountaineering - Climbing Secretary Emma Wilkes
Mountaineering - Gear Secretary Robert Haseler
Mountaineering - Media Secretary Vanesa Dimitrova
Mountaineering - Orienteering Secretary Jonny Ellis
Mountaineering - Orienteering Secretary Bethany Kippin
Mountaineering - Postgraduate Secretary  
Mountaineering - Secretary Kate Evans
Mountaineering - Social Secretary Hugh Sanderson
Mountaineering - Treasurer Ffion Loring
Mountaineering - Voting Member Joseph Shouksmith
Mountaineering - Walking Secretary Artemi Kurski
Mountaineering - Walking Secretary Josh Nicholas
Mountaineering - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Vicky Bennett
Netball - Chair  
Netball - Development League Secretary  
Netball - Interhalls League Secretary  
Netball - Interhalls League Secretary Stephanie Sullivan
Netball - Kit Secretary Eleanor Saunders
Netball - Secretary  
Netball - Social Secretary Hannah Passmore
Netball - Social Secretary Maya Meredith
Netball - Treasurer Jemma Phillips
Netball - Umpiring Secretary  
Netball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Molly Robb
Riding - BUCS Captain  
Riding - Chair  
Riding - Polo Captain Edward Webster
Riding - Secretary  
Riding - Social Secretary  
Riding - Treasurer Dean Milligan
Riding - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Rounders - Chair Lauren Strutt
Rounders - Communication Officer Amy Williams
Rounders - Equipment Officer Cam Brockbank
Rounders - Secretary Isaac Baker
Rounders - Social Secretary Rishi Shah
Rounders - Treasurer Frederick Davy
Rounders - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Olivia Gribble
Rowing - Chair Henry Mcleod
Rowing - Coxing Captain Natalie Thornton
Rowing - Equipment & Safety Secretary Adam Morris
Rowing - Marketing & Recruitment Officer Cici Zhao
Rowing - Novice Men's Captains  
Rowing - Novice Women's Captains Emma Little
Rowing - Novice Women's Captains Tabitha Anderson Edward
Rowing - Social Secretary Jessica Whidborne
Rowing - Social Secretary Sophia Hutton-Squire
Rowing - Treasurer Zalifah Kelly
Rowing - Vice Chair Paul Mummery
Rowing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer / Senior Men's Captain Connor Lowsley
Rowing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer / Senior Women's Captain Rachel Ellingham
Rugby - Alumni Secretary Sam Jones
Rugby - BUCS Super Rugby Promoter Edward Ashcroft
Rugby - Chair Dan West
Rugby - Kit Secretary Cameron Roberts
Rugby - Referee Coordinator  
Rugby - Rugby League Club Captain Travis Talbot
Rugby - Rugby League Coordinator Jacob Cole
Rugby - RUSH-D Coordinator Nicholas Moss
Rugby - RUSH-D Coordinator Ewan May
Rugby - RUSH-D Coordinator Tom Black
Rugby - Social Media & Web Coordinator Harry Lightfoot
Rugby - Social Sec Will Tanner
Rugby - Touch Rugby Coach Joshua Henderson
Rugby - Touch Rugby Coordinator Charlie Meredith
Rugby - Touch Rugby Fixtures Coordinator Gabriel Utama
Rugby - Touch Rugby Kit Sec Stephanie Sullivan
Rugby - Touch Rugby Social Media Sec Ella Porter
Rugby - Touch Rugby Social Sec Lucy Cross
Rugby - Touch Rugby Team Manager Lewis Partridge
Rugby - Touch Rugby Treasurer Gabriel Utama
Rugby - Treasurer George Holroyd
Rugby - Vice Chair George Malone
Rugby - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Megan Griffiths
Rugby - Women's Coordinator Madison Hughes
Rugby - Women's Development Officer Ella Gibbs
Sailing - Bosun Toby Bennett
Sailing - Chair William Holden
Sailing - Club Development Officer (CDO) Alex Whitfield
Sailing - Rec & Beginner Coordinator Isabel Hurst
Sailing - Secretary Luke Moores
Sailing - Social Secretary William Jacklin
Sailing - Social Secretary Elsa Swetenham
Sailing - Sustainability Officer Lucy Salter
Sailing - Team Captain Will Hopes
Sailing - Tour & Kit Secretary Thomas Chaldecott
Sailing - Treasurer Lallie-Rose Huyghues Despointes
Sailing - Vice Chair Athenais Mangin
Sailing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Ellie Maynard
Shooting - Chair Veikka Vaananen
Shooting - Secretary  
Shooting - Shotgun Captain Felix Speed
Shooting - Shotgun Captain Women's  
Shooting - Social Secretary James Wild
Shooting - Treasurer Dylan Gobin
Shooting - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Olivia Cox
Skydiving - Chair  
Skydiving - Competitions Officer  
Skydiving - Promotions Officer  
Skydiving - Secretary  
Skydiving - Social Secretary  
Skydiving - Student Progression Officer  
Skydiving - Treasurer  
Skydiving - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Snowsports - Brand Manager Dylan Lloyd Doyle
Snowsports - Chair Fergus Ward
Snowsports - Freestyle Captain Lucas Nabarro
Snowsports - Marketing Executive Sam Jones
Snowsports - Media Executive Kessie Goodchild
Snowsports - Race Captain Jess Chaplin-Smith
Snowsports - Secretary Monica Mcguigan
Snowsports - Treasurer Charlotte Moss
Snowsports - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Victor Baus
Squash - Chair Elliot Webber
Squash - Club Captain  
Squash - Club Development Officer (CDO) Oliver Paice
Squash - Secretary Freya Porter
Squash - Social Secretary Stephen Grace
Squash - Treasurer Georgia Mackenzie
Squash - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Annabel Biggs
Surf - Alternative Social Secretary Barnaby Roberts
Surf - BUCS Coordinator Samuel Rose
Surf - Chair Tom Romanet
Surf - Equipment Officer Luke Evason
Surf - Head Chef Sam Simpson
Surf - Merchandise Officer Dylan Khoo
Surf - Publicity Officer Jade Bikard
Surf - Secretary Peter Hall
Surf - Social Secretary Maddi Barnaby
Surf - Surf Progression Captain Luke Evason
Surf - Sustainability Officer Zac Withers
Surf - Touch Rugby Coordinator Zac Withers
Surf - Transport Officer Celeste Guinet
Surf - Treasurer Tilly Bowlt
Surf - Trip Organiser Celeste Guinet
Surf - Trip Organiser Sam Harris
Surf - Trip Organiser Joseph Appleton
Surf - Walking Secretary Thomas Mcguinness
Surf - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Amy Mcdermott
Surf - Women's Captain Jade Bikard
Surf - Yoga Coordinator Daisy Lewis
Swimming - Chair Kelli Kovacs
Swimming - Club Development Officer  
Swimming - Events Secretary Martine Tran
Swimming - Performance Captain William Ryley
Swimming - Recreational Coordinator  
Swimming - Secretary  
Swimming - Social Secretary Kelli Kovacs
Swimming - Synchronised Swimming Coordinator  
Swimming - Treasurer Tom Ryan
Swimming - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Maddy Warmer
Table Tennis - Chair Addi Duhan
Table Tennis - Club Development Officer (CDO) Dylan Todd
Table Tennis - Men's Captain Tim Walters
Table Tennis - Men's Captain Addi Duhan
Table Tennis - Social Secretary  
Table Tennis - Treasurer King Canillas Villegas
Table Tennis - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Table Tennis - Women's Captain Toyosi Sosan
Taekwondo - CDO (Club Development Officer) Maisie Jaques
Taekwondo - Chair Ciaran Miles
Taekwondo - Events Coordinator  
Taekwondo - ITF Style Captain Mantej Kambo
Taekwondo - Kit Manager Aarshia Balchandani Chawla
Taekwondo - Secretary Alex Green
Taekwondo - Social Secretary Anjali Patel
Taekwondo - Treasurer Rahul Rahulan
Taekwondo - Vice Chair Aarshia Balchandani Chawla
Taekwondo - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Jasmine Saunders
Taekwondo - WTF Style Captain Paul-Andrei Petan
Tennis - Chair Matthew Stern
Tennis - Events and Competition Organiser Claudia Hallsworth
Tennis - Participation Officer Isabel Atkinson
Tennis - Rec Social Sec Jed Waghorn
Tennis - Recreational Coordinator Alice Sanderson
Tennis - Recreational Coordinator Harry Bowes
Tennis - Secretary Louis Newman
Tennis - Social Media Officer Grace O'Malley
Tennis - Social Media Officer Emily Jerjian
Tennis - Team Social Sec Lauren Armstrong
Tennis - Treasurer Oscar Glenister
Tennis - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Daisy Phillips
Trampoline - Chair Isabelle Thorne
Trampoline - Coaching & Kit Coordinator  
Trampoline - Competition Captain Harris Shewan
Trampoline - Events Coordinator Marina Nicholls
Trampoline - Events Coordinator Anna Burnston
Trampoline - Social Secretary  
Trampoline - Treasurer Jenna Benbow
Trampoline - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer George Wood
Triathlon - Chair Alex Morrice
Triathlon - Events Organiser  
Triathlon - Secretary Bryce Jersing
Triathlon - Social Sec Thomas Cohen
Triathlon - Treasurer Ben Hewett
Triathlon - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Albert Sharp
Ultimate Frisbee - Chair George Mccarthy
Ultimate Frisbee - Coach Cameron Nixon
Ultimate Frisbee - Men's Captain Sebastian Hart
Ultimate Frisbee - Men's Vice/Mixed Captain Kritin Kapur
Ultimate Frisbee - Secretary Sam Molyneux
Ultimate Frisbee - Social Secretary Robert Peacock
Ultimate Frisbee - Social Secretary Cerys Day-Williams
Ultimate Frisbee - Treasurer Bence Csiba
Ultimate Frisbee - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Nick Ratcliffe
Ultimate Frisbee - Women's Captain Olivia Carr
Ultimate Frisbee - Women's Vice/Mixed Captain Connie Lynch
Volleyball - Chair Miranda Garcia
Volleyball - Club Development Officer (CDO) Klaudia Stanik
Volleyball - Kit and Equipment Officer Aurora Capobianco
Volleyball - Media Coordinator Zoe Strohmayer
Volleyball - Recreational Officer Aadhya Govil
Volleyball - Secretary Alice Zundo
Volleyball - Social Secretary Daniel Chapero-Hall
Volleyball - Social Secretary Helin Ozer
Volleyball - Treasurer Beatriz Leitao
Volleyball - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Maja Vengust
Water Polo - Chair Natalie Smith
Water Polo - Kit & Tour Secretary Tom Ede
Water Polo - Men's Captain Toby Brown
Water Polo - Secretary Danielle Cooper
Water Polo - Social Secretary Isaac Allen
Water Polo - Strength & Conditioning Coach Jade Bikard
Water Polo - Treasurer Lucy Mangan
Water Polo - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Sarah Wynne
Water Polo - Women's Captain  
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Chair Joseph Harrison
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Powerlifting Captain  
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Secretary Ned Cousins
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Social Secretary Ella Noble
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Treasurer Edward Macintyre
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Weightlifting Captain Joseph Bryant
Weightlifting and Powerlifting - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer  
Windsurfing - Beginner Rep  
Windsurfing - Chair Martin Lemaire
Windsurfing - Events Secretary Jude Neame
Windsurfing - Secretary  
Windsurfing - Social Secretary Charlotte Fourmaintraux
Windsurfing - Treasurer Victor Von Polier
Windsurfing - Welfare and Inclusivity Officer Charlotte Fourmaintraux


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