Committee guidance

Committee guidance

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Hi all,

I hope you’re doing well, and are enjoying getting people active during a time where people need it most.

07/10/2020 updates

Thanks to you all for your work over the past month. It's been manic, but we're gradually seeing some normality return, and that's awesome!! Here are a lot of updates to get your eyes over! 

What to do if someone in your group tests positive

  • Keep confidentiality.
  • Signpost the affected individual here - this will then go through the NHS track and trace system and people will be notified through this if they need to isolate.

What's on Page

The what's on page needs to be populated! We have so many first years in their flats who have bought the membership, but don't have any obvious opportunities to engage with the new, varied and exciting activities it allows! Learn how to put an event on the What's on page, along with other useful webby tutorials here we'd recommend getting all of your virtual and open sessions on here!! 

Socials and events Guidance

Yesterday's forum on the socials and events offer can be found here

Sign ups

If any members are not on the sign up they cannot attend the session. Everyone needs to be a member to sign up. Sign ups are a legal requirement so please ensure you are working to your sign up list. Some helpful hints for sign ups

  • Close your sign up during the session, this means if there are spaces left people can sign up in the last few mins and not miss out. If someone has forgotten they can sign up there and then to avoid having to send them away (send away if no spaces or if not a member so unable to sign up) It also allows people who change their mind the time to remove themselves from the sign up before the sign up is removed. Encourage non-attendees to remove themselves early on though so others don’t miss out.
  • Coaches need to be included in the track and trace so please ensure you are maintaining a record of sessions where coaches are present so that they would be flagged in a track and trace situation. We are looking at a better system in order to be able to include them on the sign ups but until this is achieved we just need you to keep a register of coach attendance, including date, time of sessions and location. If your total capacity includes a coach please ensure your sign ups is reduced by one person, and your coach is logged, in line with the below.

Facility space

Now we are underway if you find you are not utilising any spaces or need a reduction in timings please do contact Sarah so your space can be adjusted accordingly and released for others to use. With capacities so strict any extra space could be vital to another club. This seems to be an occurrence mainly early in morning when clubs have allocations that they don’t turn up for. Even if you are having a week off as a club let Sarah know so it can be released. We need to capitalise on free space and maximise usage for everyone.

As there is no BUCS in semester 1 we have freed up the space for clubs on Wednesday afternoons for friendlies/game-based training. If your club is keen to book some space and will utilise it you can contact Sarah Space is being allocated on a first come first served basis and you will be allocated a 2 hour slot. If the space is not taken up we will release the remainder of the space for sports pass holders to hire out ad hoc.

Friendlies and Travel

Many of you now are back training are keen to organise friendlies. We don’t have any objections to these but there are a few (loads of) points to complete before you start up

  • Your NOPs and RA must be adjusted to allow for friendlies to be included. You need to get these sent back to us and authorised before any friendly can take place. Please remember to track changes.
  •   Ensure you generalise the friendly NOP do not put specific dates or teams in there as we don’t need one for every game
  • Include option for both home and away friendlies and the risks associated and how you will combat them. Consider communication with opposition and updating each other on symptoms or cases and when games should be cancelled.
  •  Refer to NGB guidance as some sports are still not allowed competition and for any that do there will be good advice on the web.
  • Once your NOP has been authorised to include friendlies you will be able to book facility space for friendlies or change usage of a current slot to allow for a friendly to occur by contacting Sarah
  • If you want to travel to an away match here are some things to consider
  • Travel is allowed in personal cars although always try to car share with the same group of people, wear masks, sit as far apart as possible, try to share with people from same household if possible, maintain good air circulation. Guidance here
  •  Travel is allowed by coach, we would suggest booking a bus whereby you can travel at 50% capacity (ie. 50 seater bus for 25 people) that allows everyone to have a window seat and also ensures if anyone is feeling uncomfortable about social distancing they are able to maintain their personal space. If this isn’t possible sit people who live in same household together and try and spread people out as much as reasonably possible.
  • Masks are compulsory on the coaches and drivers have a responsibility over boarding and disembarking. You must fill the bus starting from the rear so people don’t have to walk past everyone, Drivers are fully in control so be polite and courteous, they also need to maintain their own personal safety
  •  Berkeleys coach company are ready and prepped to take your bookings and can be contacted on 01761 413196. Process for booking including how to get a PO number can be found on Moodle on ‘The SU Bath – Sport’ page.
  • Trains and taxis are also allowed and you would follow the guidelines laid out by the companies running them.

MS teams and other platforms  

Great to see so many of you using MS teams and keeping your members up to date and including a weekly online offer regardless of the in person offer. Some clubs are doing some particularly good work and if you have any questions or need support with ideas contact staff and we can put you in touch with some of the stand out clubs who are maximising opportunities on MS teams. For many they are using it as an information point which is great for new students who are struggling to gain the information without the fresher’s fairs and other in person points of contact. Don’t forget to also keep your web pages up to date and any social media platforms, they are being accessed more than ever right now!

Don’t forget only paid up members should have access to your MS team so please keep an eye on the memberships and only accept paid members. You may need to cross reference your members to ensure they all have memberships and remove any who don’t.

NOPs and their importance

  • Thanks to all of you for completing your NOPs and RA, now we must stress the importance of adhering to them. You have spent so much time creating them so now we must all honour that hard work and deliver sessions only in line with the NOPs you have had agreed. The NOPs and RA have been put in place not only to keep you all safe but also to protect you from £10k fines. Some main points to remember:
  • If the activity you are running doesn’t align fully to your NOP or has more risks that need to be assessed, chat to the team about the changes and submit either an updated NOP or a new one for the new activity. This for many of you includes playing friendlies with externals as many have not included playing just training or internal fixtures.
  • If you make changes to your NOPs or RAs after having them authorised please track changes and return them to us for authorisation so we can see quickly the adjustments so we don’t have to re-read them all and can get you going on your new NOP as quickly as possible.
  •  DSDR Staff will be checking on all sessions to ensure compliance and DSDR staff will raise issues or concerns with the lead of the session and report these to the SU. If a club is deemed to have not adhered they will receive a first warning, continued lack of adherence will lead to a final warning and any further lack of adherence will most likely lead to a club facility ban for a period of time which will be instigated by the sports dept directly.

Rule of 6 and social distancing

A reminder that the rule of 6 applies to regular social situations for all of us in this country unless we are a household. Although some of you are able to train in groups larger than 6 you must still not arrive and congregate outside facilities in larger groups. It has been noted that many of you are meeting outside the entrance in large groups and not socially distancing but then sending small groups into the facilities. The rules apply anywhere not just in the facilities. Also at the end of sessions it’s been noted you have trained well in groups of 6 but then you all huddle in a large group to get changed in corner of a facility and do not maintain social distance. Please be aware at all times of these national restrictions. Please also wear face coverings (not during activity) on arrival into the facilities, before sessions and as soon as your session is completed.

Trials and Tasters

A reminder we are not supporting large-scale trial and taster sessions this year. To avoid the requirement for tasters, the open sports membership has been created so ultimately every open session you run is a taster as anyone can sign up and come and try out your sport. Therefore the emphasis for clubs this year is on the club offer as a whole and the internal offer, we are encouraging as much intra University competition as possible as this is the safest, most reliable and cost effective option currently. It is also a great way to develop your club for the future in the circumstances. The concern for trials is that clubs are creating hope for students who believe they have made a team to later find out their isn’t a structured competitive offer for them.

Trials also create mass attendance which just cannot happen during these times and even with safety measures in place it is too difficult to manage.

The most important concern here though is, for many students trials are incredibly important to them and the idea of missing out and possibly not getting the opportunity in their sport that others would get by attending trials, could encourage them to break quarantine or worst come out when they have symptoms or even a diagnosis which we cannot have occur. So we must not place any emphasis or pressure on trials but instead continue during semester one to run training opportunities so talented individuals can be identified for teams that way. We may be able to look at something more structured nearer Christmas depending on how the situation progresses.

BUCS announcement

As many of you will have seen BUCS recently put out comms about Universities competition offers being exempt from the rule of 6 for indoor team sports. This announcement was a bit premature and although conversations with DCMS have occurred there still has not been any formal announcement or detailed information about the exemption from DCMS themselves or guidance from NGBs so at this time legally we are still bound by the rule of 6 so you must continue to adhere to your current NOPs. We are keeping a close eye on this and we will be in touch in due course if the situation changes. We must highlight that as a University we are not obliged to run in line with every NGB rule and can choose to be more cautious based on our personal circumstances ie. Facilities, activity offer or staff support so we may not adjust NOPs until we are happy with the current situation here on campus and feel we can manage the changes appropriately.

Previous updates....


Finally a big thank you, you have all worked so incredibly hard to get your clubs active and your patience and hard work has been greatly appreciated and recognised! We look forward to a great year with you all!

Our priority is to get people active safely and within the regulations so please work with us and ensure you are reading emails fully and are up to date with your NGB guidance.

Clubs need to be reacting quickly to the changes and following the instructions we are sending out to ensure you can commence ASAP. The level of scrutiny on detail is substantial so please be careful you don’t overlook anything that could lead to delays on your return to activity or lead to you being removed from facilities for a time once you have returned if you have not kept up to date with the moving times.

Find out how to check who has a membership here - remember, any student accessing your offer needs to have bought the full £20 membership, and the (usually £0) add-on for your club.

In person

When looking at your in-person part of the offer, we are so excited to see you get back to the sports you’ve missed in the safest way possible. We would like to reiterate that the focus for semester 1 should be providing fun, competitive opportunities for all levels (where NGB guidance allows). Where a team may have had a few training sessions per week, we would expect to see the number of training sessions reduced to make way for more competitive opportunities- ie. A shift to more match/tournament-style play. External competitive opportunities are allowed, but we really encourage you to look at what you can deliver internally, in order to maximize the number of your members that can play.

The below need to be completed before ANY in-person activity is allowed to occur.

Risk Assessments and Normal Operating procedure (Club email)

Timetables of sessions, with number of open sessions (Club email)

Signup for every session! Link here to signup 'how to' video! Link here to signup process document

SU Health and Safety Guidelines

*The government guidance for indoor team sport changed on the 24th September. Only 6 people will be allowed to train together for team sports. Coaches are included within this number. 

The Sports Department have updated their maximum capacities document to account for this rule and NGB guidelines. You need to have updated your RA and NOP in line with your NGB guidelines

Think about how your sessions can run- ie. Do you need a coach/session lead within each group of 6 people? What does that do to your capacity?

Outdoor and virtual- can any sessions move online? We’re currently looking at what we can do to repurpose a car park for some recreational sessions, space-permitting. Please email if this is of interest to your club! 



The virtual element is going to be such a huge part of the offer. Many students will be unable to get back to campus, may be unable to come to sessions due to capacity, or may be nervous about in-person sessions, and we need to do our best to accommodate this. Remember that everyone needs to have bought the £20 membership to access your virtual offer)

Virtual coordinators finalised

Virtual regular timetable

Trials, Tasters and club promo

Taster sessions will not occur this year due to the throughput that we’d be able to guarantee. The new SU sport membership will allow students to treat all of semester 1 as a taster, trying as many sports as they’d like to. Memberships need to be bought before a student can come along to a session.

Trials cannot occur in the same way as they have in previous years. We recommend getting people playing/training, and allowing a ‘ladder’ system, allowing session leads to move players up and down between training sessions based on performance.

Promoting your club: Contact for Instagram takeovers, and Yasmin for anything else!

Committee Training

Training is live- have a look at the training here. Some of these are compulsory for committee roles! 

Events and Socials

Socials must adhere to the rule of 6 outlined by the government. These groups of 6 must not interact with eachother and steps need to be taken to ensure excessive alcohol consumption does not occur. Thus far, socials that have been accepted are: Virtual socials, Scavenger hunts, bar crawls. In all of these cases, there can be no mixing of the groups, and there should only be one group at each bar/station. These must all go through the event planner process


Clubs have now been emailed about getting volunteer coaches set up. 

Paid coaches and coaching budget will be organised as soon as possible.  


Initial budgets have now been sent to clubs. Coaching budgets will be organized separately. Please only email if there are urgent budget matters that need sorting.

The Alumni fund has opened for another year. Learn more here

Unfilled positions: Co-opting

Co-opting can occur for non-core committee role. For this to be valid, the role should be advertised to all members, and the committee need to vote on their preferred candidate. Proof of the coopting process needs to be emailed over to


Our contract with Under Armour is for all SU Sport. During the tender process, the clubs/ students that were involved voted for a kit that unifies all sport at Bath (not just BUCS) meaning they wanted one kit design across all sports. Within the UA agreement all kit must be purchased through UA unless they cannot provide sport specific kit.  

Alternative Supplier & Design: If UA cannot provide sport specific kit then we will allow clubs to use an alternative supplier, providing the necessary branding guidelines have been followed. All designs need to be approved by SU Sport before ordering (this includes any designs you may have had approved in previous years) Branding guidelines can be provided if necessary.  

Finance: We cannot risk the club spending money and not being able to sell kit, so going forward a prepayment for all kit is the only method. We can set up online products on the club pages so members can pay into your club account and then orders can be submitted. Purchase Orders numbers will not be provided until funds have been collected.  

Personalised UA kit: Committees wanting personalised casual kit can place an order themselves, using our new online account. Committees need to set up online products before placing the order. Additional charges apply for each print (£3 each plus VAT) We will provide log in details to place an order.  

Preordered match kit: Some clubs ordered UA match kit back in March. This is beginning to arrive, and you will notice the invoices been processed from your club accounts. We appreciate players may not want to purchase kit until matches resume. But please be aware this expense will be rolled over into next academic year if not sold. We are just finalising the way of issuing kit safely, but we can get payments set up on your club page now if clubs want.  

Web shop – Individuals can purchase kit online themselves. 

All kit enquires to

Lastly THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'RE DOING! It's really appreciated! comment with any additional questions.


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