Sport memberships for semester 2

Sport memberships for semester 2

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Our first semester of sport was less than ideal. Despite the fact that we initially managed to return to some level of in-person normality, the second lockdown in November meant that we had to shift mid-way through the semester. Thankfully, this was anticipated, and our incredible sports clubs managed to adapt their incredible offers, allowing you to move, train, and meet people throughout a difficult time. The all-sport membership allowed people to access all 50 offers throughout the semester, ensuring a level of excitement and variation throughout the whole semester. We're really proud of how we managed to respond to the lockdown, and get people moving through the exercise buddy scheme, 'Go the extra mile' challenge, Bath Active, long term equipment rentals and more. 

With the national lockdown, expected to last until mid February there are still loads of ways to stay active.

Looking towards semester 2, we are unsure of how everything may play out. In each case, we are confident that the offer will be good quality, and that the robust all-sport membership should continue throughout this time.

In a time of financial difficulty for many students, it felt right to ensure that there should be no additional cost for those that bought the all-sport membership, so these will be continued free of charge into semester 2. For those that didn't buy the £20 membership in semester 1, the all-sport membership will cost £10 for semester 2.  

Good luck with assessments, and we'll see you soon!



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