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SU President Update

SU President Update

Franci, your SU President, gives you a quick update on some of the things he's been working on recently

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Hello beautiful people,

This is a largely overdue update on some of the things I’ve been working on recently.

The key thing I want to say to you all is THANK YOU. Thank you everyone for putting up with all of this and creating opportunities for fellow students. Thank you to all of those that have raised their voice and contributed to the survey we launched yesterday. I just want you to know that what you say and your opinions not only matter to The SU, but influence and inform the decisions that the University ultimately makes. Thank you all for being absolute superstars.

I hope you’re doing well, and staying safe.



I genuinely cannot wait until this can be something I don’t have to put at the top of every single one of my updates. As a result of the lockdown restrictions starting last week, I’ve been working closely with the University to enact all measures possible to support our students. I have also been in touch with the amazing student societies which are pushing through yet another challenging moment to enrich the life of their members. I am in daily contact with the University Senior Management to represent you and raise your questions and concerns. I’m covering the latest governmental guidance on the winter holidays below.

Students’ Union Top Ten

Each year, The SU compiles a list of ten priority campaigns to inform the University of key student priorities, lobbying and working with the University to achieve them. This year, I am leading on a campaign on sustainable investments, to enact a transgender policy, and co-leading campaigns with Tom, our Sport Officer, on additional costs and jobs and support during Coronavirus. These campaigns are now underway with significant progress being made. Want to get involved to shape your University community for the better? Drop me an email at!

Fast Track Income Replacement

I have been working on a proposal with Student Services to make sure that students that cannot perform their part-time job because they are isolating are not left without any money in their pockets. We know full well how a lot of our students are just about managing financially, and losing potentially two weeks of income can be a hit to a lot of us. I’m so pleased that this proposal has been passed, and to all students that are isolating and therefore cannot go to work, you can apply for the fast-track income replacement here:

End of Term and Return

The latest Department for Education guidance on end of term, holiday travels, and mass testing has clearly caused a lot of confusion, questions and concerns among you. Yesterday morning, we launched a survey to bring your voices together, and after an overwhelming amount of responses, we have hosted a Q&A on Friday 13th at 13.00 with members of the University Senior Management Team. The recording will be uploaded to the SU website and social media accounts shortly. 

Alongside this, we’re working with the University to support those of you who will be staying in Bath over the holidays, and we will update you on developments around this as soon as possible.  

Gender Recognition Act Consultation

The Government has launched an inquiry on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act. This is a huge opportunity to improve formal rights and experiences of trans people in the UK. With fundamental support from NUS, I will be working with Freya, our Community Officer, to support this as an institution. This year, we have increased the visibility of our work on transgender equality and this is an important step in the right direction.

Harm Reduction

Over the week, I’ve been in conversations with Student Services, members of Senior Management, and a sabbatical officer at Bristol SU to discuss a campaign on drugs and alcohol harm reduction. Whilst we are still at the very beginning of this work, I am confident we will achieve great results here at Bath, and I intend to start conversations with the University on a harm reduction statement soon.

Various bits

  • Have been involved in the recruitment of two new positions in the SU Student Arts Team
  • Am leading the work on the recruitment of the SU’s next Chief Executive Officer
  • Have participated to an Office for Students Student Panel Meeting
  • Have been invited to participate to a meeting of the Department for Education Higher Education Petitions Committee, where we discussed student rights, consumer protection, and refunds in light of COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Have re-started pretending to be sporty, supporting our one and only Tom in the Sawko Workouts. Everything hurts, but damn it’s good to be back! You can join us every weekday at 17.00 GMT on The SU Bath Community on Facebook or on MS Teams at this link
  • Am attempting at growing a moustache for Movember. Nobody seems to ever miss the opportunity to remind me it still has a long way to go…

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Stay safe, stay awesome.

Franci, your SU President x


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