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A record-breaking year for PAL

A record-breaking year for PAL

Peer Assisted Learning has had an amazing Academic Year so far and it's not over yet!

As PAL (peer-assisted learning) returned to the classroom for the 2021-22 academic year, more students than ever before have attended sessions and accessed support from their peers.

One attendee told us that they “Really enjoyed being back in a classroom environment and learning from other students… PAL feels like a large tutorial group, and we all learn from each other. Really relaxed environment where it's okay to get things wrong, and the two students leading PAL are absolutely fantastic.”

The PAL Leaders who run these sessions have done an incredible job to produce valuable, interactive learning environments for their students. When observing sessions, the Peer Support Team have been continually impressed by the effort the leaders put into planning and delivering their sessions, and how much they have grown as leaders. We’re really proud of the hard work and dedication you’ve shown this year.

We also wanted to thank the amazing staff and senior PAL Leaders across the university who work with the PAL Leaders. Your support is invaluable and helps the PAL Leaders to do the incredible things they have been this year.

Jacob, SU Education Officer remarks “It’s great to see these valuable sessions being utilised. It is an extremely useful programme to support each other academically, helping to gain an understanding of coursework and lecture content. I’m sure our PAL leaders have gained some valuable skills and experiences; they have done a great job in reaching this record.” 

If you’ve attended a PAL session – or have one on your course – we are currently recruiting for new PAL Leaders to run sessions next year. It’s a challenging but deeply rewarding role to do alongside your studies. Find out more on our website or apply now.

If you don’t have PAL on your course but feel like you and your fellow students needed additional support, we may be able to work with your department to introduce PAL in your department. Email if you want to talk to us about PAL.