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SU Pantry

SU Pantry

SU supported students throughout the exam period, giving them access to food and household items.

As their last campaign as an officer team, the SU Officers piloted the creation of a food pantry available to support students through the cost-of-living crisis. The program was a one-off for now, as the officers wanted to help students through the especially stressful exam period!

The pantry had food but also has cosmetic and household items, all free to those who need it. Over the five days over 250 students accessed the food pantry and got to build a food parcel, giving them access to food and toiletries to help them through a time exacerbated by the current cost-of-living crisis.

In the build up to opening the pantry, the officers managed the logistics behind this time-consuming project: budgeting for it, doing the research on the appropriate items to include, finding the best purchasing options for them, finding an appropriate space which considered our diverse student body's needs, and advertising this initiative accordingly. All on top of their full-time officer roles.

Students, prior to formal feedback, have already reported how useful this was and how it helped them through what is a very stressful time of year for them.

The pantry is now closed, but it may come back in the next academic year. Students worried about food insecurity have access to Munch Boxes, Too Good To Go and the Community Fridge on campus.