Actions following Anti-Racist Campus Forum

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Following the recent public outcry following the death of George Floyd, the widespread global protests and public support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement,  we released a statement of support and coordinated an ‘Anti-Racist Campus Forum’ on Monday to provide you with the opportunity to shape the work that the SU and University should be doing to become an anti-racist campus.

In terms of next steps we have produced a report of key actions identified in the Anti-Racist Campus Forum, based on the ideas shared. We will be sharing the report with senior management and several University committees. 

Yesterday, the officers had a meeting with senior management. As a result of the SU’s report the University have decided that a Race Equality Task Force will be set up. This group will oversee how the recommendations from the report can be implemented. The group will also be communicating actions of this group publicly. There will be SU representation in the form of SU staff members, SU officers and Black students. 

The SU will also be convening a group to review our practices and plan out the work that we need to be doing in this area. More information will follow in the coming weeks. We look to create a webpage to provide students with regular updates on progress being made on the report. 

We are committed to ensuring that there are Black student voices in our decision- making process.  If there are any Black students who particularly want to be involved in the leading of this work, working closely with officers and be a part of future opportunities to lead on this work, please provide us with your email address here. We will be setting up a Microsoft Teams group that will allow us to share ideas, progress, and receive immediate feedback on future decisions that will be taken. 


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