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Bath Uni Night In: Cancelling of Score and Open Letter to Bath Venues

Bath Uni Night In: Cancelling of Score and Open Letter to Bath Venues

The SU will be supporting a boycott of all bars/clubs in Bath, including the closure of Score, on Wednesday 27 October, in solidarity with all victims of drink spiking.

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Content warning: drink spiking  
The SU actively condemns any activity that puts student safety at risk. Following the recent incidents of drink spiking, the national ‘Girls Night In’ campaign was launched. We wanted to join this campaign in the most impactful way possible to put pressure on venues across Bath to implement effective anti-spiking measures. 

Cancellation of Score (27 October) 

Yesterday, The SU released a poll asking you if you’d like The SU to cancel Score on Wednesday 27 October OR Close the Plug & Tub at 18:00 on Friday 29 October.
The poll closed this morning at 10:00 and the results were as follows: 
Total Votes: 1,880 
Votes for Cancelling Score (Wed 27): 1,599 (85%) 
Votes for closing Plug & Tub (Fri 29): 281 (15%) 
We are pleased to see the student body engaging in such high numbers on this important issue and want to thank you for participating.  
Consequently, following the results of the poll The SU Bath will be boycotting all bars and clubs in the city of Bath on Wednesday 27 October. This includes the cancellation of our club night, Score, on this day. Cancelling Score demonstrates that The SU stands in solidarity with all victims of drink spiking and will also ensure that the venue does not have any business on this night. 
This boycott is just the start. 1,880 students engaged with our poll, making it clear that this is an issue that our student body feels passionately about. We encourage students to take part in other boycotts happening locally and holding venues accountable for their anti-spiking provisions. 

Open Letter 

To make sure your voice is heard, we have written an open letter which we will be sending to all bars/clubs in the city of Bath. This letter explains the boycott and asks venues to respond outlining what provisions they have in place and what additional measures they will be implementing. As we will be boycotting on a Wednesday, some venues will not be expecting large numbers, so may not feel the impact of the boycott. This letter will ensure all venues are aware of that the boycott is taking place. 

Read the letter here 

We are aware that some venues have anti-spiking measures in place already; this letter will also allow us to share the best practice of those venues with others. The SU venue, The Plug & Tub, has outlined their current provisions and what they will be introducing through their Facebook page
We are asking you to sign this letter, using the link below. We are hoping by showing Bath venues the number of students who are passionate about this issue, they will be encouraged to implement more effective anti-spiking provisions. We will be closing the sign ups on Monday 25 October at 12:00 – make sure you’ve signed your name by then to make sure our voices are heard as loud as possible! 

Sign the letter