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Be Kind, criticise policies not people.

Be Kind, criticise policies not people.

The SU Activities Officer Elections are underway and we're asking for kindness throughout this period.

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The Activities Officer by-election has begun. Considering the building number of incidences of online abuse and harassment, we want to highlight the importance of being kind and inclusive to others, whether it be in person or from behind a screen.

Elections are a particularly stressful time for the officer candidates, and as an SU, the welfare of our candidates is top priority. Candidates step up and put themselves forward for election because they want to make Bath better for other students.

Personal attacks, mocking others or acting discriminatory (including misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc) is completely unacceptable, and the SU will be taking serious action to stamp out harassment and bullying. This goes for both online and in-person incidents. We would encourage our community to call out and report incidences they may see. See here the University's Report & Support tool

There is always a real person on the other end of your comments who suffer the consequences, whether you see it or not. As an SU, we want to support all our candidates and give them the best environment to run their campaigns in. Elections is always a fun week, with plenty of opportunity for challenge and debate, but we should be criticising policies not people.

Be Kind.


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