Celebrating the success of student trainers

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On 10 May 2019, members of the SU Development team, The SU’s Activities Officer, and our Student Trainers got together to celebrate all of the wonderful sessions that Skills Training has put on over the past year.

Skills Training is a student-run programme within The SU where you can learn different skills directly from your peers. This year, our 6 Student Trainers have put on some amazing workshops. These could be more general such as employability skills or more specialist topics for example ‘Website Coding for ABSOLUTE Beginners’. The Skills Training Programme is sponsored by PwC, and without this sponsorship, the training delivered would not be possible. Our volunteers would also like to thank Dr. Margarida Dolan, the SU’s Train the Trainers and Leadership Adviser, for her work in making sure the training delivered is as good as possible.

As it becomes increasingly harder for graduates to find jobs, getting involved with skills training allows you to develop transferrable skills that employers look for in placement students and full time staff. These include planning, interpersonal skills and working as part of a team. This year, the Student Trainers have worked really hard to put on interesting and relevant sessions for all students, and have themselves learned so many different skills. When asked about what skills they’ve developed, one of the Skills Trainers said “The Student Trainer Programme has significantly influenced my ability to speak with others and made me step out of my comfort zone. Moreover, it has made me more organised and taught me a lot about time-management.”

This year, a total of 1598 students attended the 158 training sessions, and 22 workshops were completely peer-led; it’s also fantastic to hear that almost 80% of attendees would recommend it to their friends. Kimberley Pickett, The SU Activities Officer, expressed her thanks to the team: “I think it’s safe to say that this year’s team have truly been a dream team and have really worked to help create more awareness of the programme, create fun and engaging content, progress professionally and personally, and understand why working in a team is a vital skill to have for the future.”

Big thank you to all of our student trainers and participants this year, and once again to PwC and Dr Margarida Dolan for all of your help and support.


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