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Congratulations to our first Rep of the Month

Congratulations to our first Rep of the Month

We are kicking of the start of semester 2 with our brand new Rep of the Month Scheme, find out who won January!

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Throughout last semester, our Academic Reps worked incredibly hard to represent and guide us through the Bath Blend, a completely new educational environment for us all. We’ve really appreciated the work they’ve been doing and want to take the time to recognise reps that have gone above and beyond. That’s why we’ve introduced a Rep of the Month scheme. If you or someone you know deserves it, you can nominate yourself or others here.

We’ve had so many deserving reps, and it’s been lovely reading through the nominations this month. It was so hard for the officers to pick our first winner thanks to the incredible representation from all our reps however this month, our fantastic Rep of the Month is Kirsty Carotti, 4th Year Computer Science with Placement rep.

When the first No-Detriment policy was announced, Kirsty immediately started collecting feedback from her peers about their thoughts and feelings on the policy. Kirsty created an incredible PowerPoint which was used to work with her course team to ensure that students got the support they needed. When students still didn’t feel that they were happy with the provision they were receiving, Kirsty worked with The SU’s Advisors and took the lead on a group complaint for her cohort to try and get a resolution to their problems. What an amazing job, well done Kirsty. 

Being an Academic Rep is a fantastic opportunity to support your peers and develop yourself and others. Below Kirsty gives us a little insight into her experience as an Academic Rep.

Why did you want to be a rep?

I've been an Academic Rep throughout most of my time at the university, during the first year it was a chance for me to get to know my peers and make an impact on any issues that arose during university life. This year especially I felt it was important that my peers had a familiar and friendly face, to raise any issues too.  

How have you brought about positive change?

Everyone's 2020/21 academic year has been turned upside down due to COVID-19. The computer science department thrives on communication and peer support through the use of our 1w study spaces. These haven't been available to use this year due to obvious reasons and therefore my fellow reps and I created a team's channel to aid discussions that would have otherwise been had in person.

 It was important this year that any issues raised by my peers were heard, therefore I coordinated a survey within the department to gauge issues and the want for a no detriment policy. The department has been amazing and considerate of the student's problems and we have been working closely together to try and resolve these issues for semester 2. 

How do you see being a rep impacting on your future?

One of the most important skills being a representative has taught me is the ability to listen to others, when someone comes to me with an issue they are having it is important that I listen and empathise with their point of view, even if I may not agree myself. I feel that this skill can be used in my future professional and personal life, as there will be times that someone does not agree with my opinion but they need their voices heard and represented also. 

What’s the best thing about being a rep?

I think the best thing about being a rep is knowing that you are making a difference, not just for the current academic year but for future years to come. Seeing the changes that come about from the work myself and the other representatives are doing this year makes the extra time and effort worth it. 

Thinking of someone you’d like to nominate as a rep of the month? Or want to put yourself forward? Find out more and nominate a rep here.


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