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Dodgeball Club and Boob Team Hold Annual 'BooBall'!

Dodgeball Club and Boob Team Hold Annual 'BooBall'!

The Dodgeball Club and Boob Team recently joined up to hold their annual ‘BooBall’ where they run fun games of Dodgeball (with a boob themed twist) to raise money for CoppaFeel.

Dodgeball is most commonly associated with the school game, the Ben Stiller movie or just even as a fun Freshers’ Week activity. The sport remains very true to that perception- very fun, a little chaotic and open to everyone! The club believes the nature of dodgeball makes it the perfect sport for a charity fundraiser as ‘we can welcome so many people to play the sport for the first time and raise money for a good cause’.

At the end of February, the Dodgeball Club teamed up with the Boob Team for their annual ‘BooBall’ tournament- or as they call it, ‘the highlight of our calendar!’ BooBall is described as Dodgeball with a boob twist- each team comes in pink and plays with boob themed dodgeballs. Every participant pays £3 for entry and all donations go towards CoppaFeel, a breast cancer awareness charity. CoppaFeel encourages women to check their breasts regularly and has educational information on how to make sure you are checking properly- take a look at their website.

The BooBall event welcomed eight teams this year and raised an amazing £120 for CoppaFeel! All the students involved really enjoyed the event, with Aadya Kanodia commenting, ‘it was a great moment to bond with friends and meet new people. It was also important to us that we were supporting the fundraiser for the charity, CoppaFeel, which we hope continues to get more awareness. She also praised the Dodgeball Team for being so welcome, saying: ‘they supported us during the event, giving helpful tips and training throughout which made us feel really engaged and included as an all-girls team’. Another player, Luisa Marinozzi, agreed, saying ‘they were so great at making everyone feel included’.

A big well done to everyone who took part! It was not only a fun and unique twist on the classic game of Dodgeball but was also a huge success. Through fun events like ‘Booball’ we can continue to raise awareness and support for important causes, all while having a fantastic time.