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End of term and beyond - Live Q&A with University Senior Management

End of term and beyond - Live Q&A with University Senior Management

On Friday 13 November we held a Q&A with University Senior Managers about the University's response to the Government's latest advice on Christmas departures and student life in 2021

Last week was another big week of announcements from the government which could have a huge impact on students regarding the plans for the end of term. When we heard the news of the student travel window, we knew you would have a lot of questions (we definitely did!) and we wanted to provide an opportunity to make sure students voices were heard.  

Last week we shared a survey through a range of different channels to try and get a good understanding of the concerns and questions you had. We had a huge range of excellent questions submitted which ranged from: How will the test be carried out? What facilities will remain open on campus? Is this mandatory?

We wanted to put these questions directly to those who could answer them or at least give the latest update on what they knew. On Friday 13 November SU Officers Annie and Tom chaired a live Q&A with University senior management which included:

Peter Lambert, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) 
Cassie Wilson, Vice President (Student Experience) 
Keith Zimmerman, Chief Operating Officer 
Stephen Baddeley, Director of Sport (Project Manager for the Testing activity) 

If you missed the Q&A you can watch the full recording here: 

Here is a quick summary of the most asked questions:

  • Is the test mandatory? No, the test will be voluntary but students are asked to comply as closely as possible to allow for maximum efficiency of the testing programme to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  
  • What if I have already booked my flight home? You do not need to change your travel plans if you already have a commitment. 
  • Can we book our own test slot and where will the tests take place? Students will be able to book their tests online and the tests will take place on campus, most likely in The Edge and in Dartmouth Avenue in Oldfield Park. 
  • Can I remain in Bath after this time?  Yes. Lots of students will be staying in Bath over Christmas – either in Halls of Residence or private homes. Some students will have work or other commitments that mean they cannot leave until after this period.  
  • When shall I return to Bath after Christmas? In-person Teaching (IPT) is expected to resume in the new year and indications suggest that Doctoral Students may be exempted from current restrictions. Many students are currently engaging with their studies as a distance, so you should do whatever feels best for you. We currently do not know if the Government has plans to test student on their return, but will keep you updated.  

A full written summary of the event can be found here.

We want to thank everyone who submitted questions in advance and during the live event. We are so proud to be part of a community with fantastic students and SU staff who were able to turn around what could've been a negative situation into a positive one, getting your voices heard!

If you feel you still have unanswered questions or would like anything clarified here are a range of contacts that could support you.

SU officers 

SU Advice & Support 

Student Services 

International Relations Office 

Doctoral College 

It may also be useful to contact your Personal Tutor. 




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