Gender pay gap in The SU

Although we do not employ as many career staff in The SU that would make it mandatory for us to report our gender pay gap, we believe that this is an important issue and are keen to see as many organisations as possible reporting on their gender pay differences.
With this in mind, and to mark the approaching deadline for large organisations to report gender pay differences, we have calculated the gender pay gap for career staff in The SU and will continue to do so as part of our annual report of accounts that is published in October/November of each year.
To work out the current figure we have taken a snapshot of the 50 members of career staff employed on the regular payroll on 13 March 2018.
We have calculated that the average woman who works in The SU is paid 3.1% less than the average man.
Although our overall numbers of staff are tiny in comparison to organisations for which reporting is mandatory, that’s a lower pay gap than the national average, which is 18.4%, and the University of Bath, which is 17.9%.
The median difference at The SU is 1.1% in favour of women’s pay over men.
The SU has 50 members of staff who between them work the equivalent of 43.05 full time roles in The SU.
Over 70 per cent of the total workforce is are female and one in three members of staff is on a part-time or term-time-only contract.
“We are a relatively small team but are no less committed to ensuring that The SU is a great place for women and men to work,” said Andrew McLaughlin, The SU’s Chief Executive.
“Women make up the vast majority of our workforce at all levels, but predominate at the most junior grades in the team, including those roles with the most flexible working patterns."
“Whilst the difference in pay is small it is liable to fluctuate over time. By reporting on the pay gap, we will better understand any reasons for it and be able to set clear targets as we play our part in closing the gap in the years ahead.”


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