Keeping you Safe

Keeping you safe

As campus gears up for the new arrivals and return of students, we wanted to give you an update on the work that we have been doing to make sure that SU spaces and activities are Covid-compliant and ready for you to enjoy.

It goes without saying that student safety is our number one priority and with that in mind we have been regularly updating what we do to make sure we are following the latest guidance and legislation that is place. 

There has been a lot of work on campus and SU spaces will look very different too. You will also have to do things in a different way as part of this new normal; this doesn't mean your SU experience has to be any less fun and enjoyable.

Let’s start with the bar 

To make sure that the bar is Covid-secure, we have spread seating throughout the third floor of The SU to host as many of you as possible in a safe way. This still meant we have had to reduce the overall capacity of the venue. Following regulations, tables are limited to six occupants, and you will need to pre book after 17:00 and everything will be ordered via the app. There will still be a range of events and activities throughout the week. The Plug is currently the only seated bar venue on campus. 

Here is a handy little video on some of the key changes to the bar. 

Student societies, clubs and other groups 

The good news is that SUs can continue running events and activities where guidelines and legislation allow. However, because of Covid there are still many things that will not be possible for some time yet.

More complex is that all student leaders have to go through the new mandatory health and safety training we have developed, and risk assessments for each and every activity will need to include Covid restrictions (don’t worry – we’ve produced guidance on this).

Some of the restrictions will include reducing numbers of participants, social-distancing, cleaning, collecting contact details and making sure everyone sticks to what is allowed. 

Different venues will have different restrictions too, so we’re working closely with venue partners to be clear about what is expected.

The new flexible approach to student groups that we have introduced this year, will give students the opportunity to try out a broader range of activities, and once government restrictions start to ease, we’ll be right back to it. 

Making contact and meeting SU officers and staff

We have had to move round almost all of our offices so that we can be Covid-safe for staff, and also because of the new locations we are taking over in the Edge. The best way to make contact with anyone in The SU will be via email, you can find the relevant emails through our contacts page. Most meetings will need to be held virtually, but there will be some provisions for face-to-face meetings where they are needed. We ask you to respect social-distancing and have told staff to feel confident about raising concerns with you.

Here to support you

The success of all of this is going to depend on the behaviour of individuals. The University has published very clear guidance about what is expected in terms of behaviour, and we are geared up to help students come together and contribute to the communities you are part of.  We ask you to respect those communities and play your part. ?

If you have any concerns please do email 


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