Looking on the Bright side of Covid-19

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It’s impossible to turn on the news, log on to Facebook, or even go to the supermarket without being incredibly aware of the current Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been sweeping the world and for a lot of us, it’s completely changed our way of living. Last week, after the announcement that University was to cease face-to-face teaching, members of our community set up a Facebook group called Corona Community with the sole aim to inject a little bit of light-heartedness and community spirit into what could otherwise be an incredibly isolating experience for some.

What’s come out of this is just how incredibly resilient our community is, and just how thoughtful they are to those that are not as fortunate as they are. We’ve heard of some absolutely phenomenal stories of students going above and beyond to help out where they can.

Bath RAG, one of our volunteering groups has set up a community relief fund. All donations made to this fund will be used to help fund projects to support our most vulnerable members of society. This includes support for elderly residents and food delivery services amongst others to ensure as many BANES residents as possible survive this crisis.

We’ve also heard of students setting up a food donation service at the University chaplaincy, giving students that are leaving campus the opportunity to donate any perishable and non-perishable food before they go.

Finally, one of the most heart-warming things we’ve seen is an incredible group of students just looking to put a smile of the face of BANES’s most vulnerable residents. On our Corona Community page, a group of students posted that they had made and sent cards to local nursing homes.


Speaking to one of the students involved, they told us:

“We’ve just been coming up with activities to do as a house while we’re all stuck inside (and desperately trying to avoid working!) I know lots of people have been posting notes through their neighbours doors offering help, but we live in a fairly student heavy area. Making cards just sending our best wishes seemed like a good way to reach out to the more vulnerable community without causing any stress. I just googled some care homes in bath and sent them emails asking if it would be ok to post them and they sounded very keen! So we just made as many cards as we could and plan on making more this week! That’s all really, pretty simple but made us feel good and will hopefully make other people smile.”

Despite the uncertainty that’s surrounding the pandemic, and the ever-changing way we’re all coping, it’s incredible to see our community coming together to support everyone in any way they can.

If you’d like to contribute in any way, get in touch with the Corona Community or email any of the SU Officers.



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