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Mental Health SUmmit- what's been happening?

Mental Health SUmmit- what's been happening?

Back in February, we gathered together to hold our second SUmmit on Mental Health. For those that don't know, SUmmit is a chance for us to come together to start tackling some of the biggest challenges faced by our communities at the University of Bath. The Mental Health SUmmit was a chance for us all to feed back our thoughts and for SU Staff and Officers to identify what their priorities shoulod be surrounding mental health provisions at the university. Following this, a list of recommendations was sent to Student Services, and we wanted to take this opportunity to give a bit of feedback as to the current responses and actions that are being undertaken

SUmmit Recommendations University Response Delivery Date
Review the online communication that is offered relating to the broad range of support, both mental health or otherwise, from the University to ensure there is a clarity of information 

The new student landing page on the website will allow the university to present information to students in an improved manner and also to rotate and present information relevant to various transition points 

Student Services are working alongside with the SU to create a?jointly curated library of support from the University, the SU, local communities and national resources. 

Autumn 2020
Have a student wellbeing section in all papers relating to student experience presented to University Learning, Teaching & Quality Committee, Student Experience Board and Council, Senate, Students’ Union Committee to ensure that student wellbeing is considered when decisions are being made. 

To start including in all papers: 

How does this proposal benefit student and staff wellbeing? 

How does this proposal benefit Widening Participation students? 

Our intention would be to pilot this with papers to ULTQC and SEB in 2020 and then ensure a meaningful expansion into Council and Senate in 2021. We would be interested to learn from the SU experience of incorporating it into their committee papers. 

Pilot in Autumn 2020
A consideration for the induction strategy group what induction offering is available for students who don’t start at the traditional points during the year (doctoral and ERASMUS).?  A representative from Doctoral college and International mobility will be invited to future meetings of the Induction strategy group  Summer 2020
To have an explicit focus in mental health working group of what transition looks like at different points in the student life cycle and what measures are being put in place at each point to support students better.?  Transition points are a major focus of the new MH Charter from UUK/Student Minds. The university has committed to working towards achieving this charter and specific actions will be directed to meeting this recommendation as part of that work.  Summer 2021 
Involve students’ peers/friends in students’ action plan if they are in need of long-term support, with their consent  The Working with Risk document used by Student Services will be reviewed to include a specific section to identify fellow students who are part of the support plan.  Summer 2020
Install frosted glass on the front of the Roper Centre (Student Services building).  Ordered  Summer 2020