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New Academic Rep Spring Election

New Academic Rep Spring Election

Academic Elections will take place this March!

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New Academic Rep Spring Elections

Following the Academic Representation Review conducted in early 2021, we are introducing a new round of Academic Rep Elections. The purpose of these is to allow us to elect reps going into their second and third years ahead of September. If you want to learn more about this new election read on.

>> What does a new round of elections mean?

In this new round of elections we are calling the Spring Elections we will be recruiting as many reps as we can ahead of the next academic year. So that’s all the second, third and fourth -year roles as well as doctoral reps; no PGT or first-year roles will be being elected. If the roles aren’t filled in this round, we will try again in the autumn elections period in 2022/23 at the start of the next academic year.

 >> Why have you introduced a new round of elections?

Last academic year, the SU and the University reviewed the Academic Representation System. Our goal was to try and improve the elections and to make the process easier for everyone. The feedback we received was that the elections created a large burden on staff at the beginning in of the year. We are hoping that electing continuing year students in the spring in advance will make the start of the academic year less intense for staff and students, with smaller numbers of students to elect in autumn.

>> Key Dates
Nominations Open on Monday 14 March at midday – and close Friday 25 March at midday
Voting Opens on Tuesday 29 March at midday – and closes Friday 8 April at midday
Results will then be communicated the week commencing 11 April.

To nominate yourself for a position, please head to the SU website from Monday 14 March to put yourself forward for a position and stand up to be the voice of students for your subject.

If you have any questions or queries relating to either the changes made or upcoming elections, then please reach out to the academic representative team via

Ryan Lucas (SU Education Manager)
Callie Edwards (SU Academic Representation Coordinator)


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