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Remembering Rob

Remembering Rob

As we start the new academic year, we wanted to post an update about what we are planning to do to remember our friend and colleague, Rob Tyrrell, who passed away in June this year.

Rob had just taken over as The SU’s elected Activities Officer when he passed away suddenly from what we understand was an underlying health condition.

Since then, we have been providing support for those who have been affected by his passing and planning how we will cover Rob’s remit and remember him throughout the year.

The officer team will be sharing Rob’s responsibilities between them, and we have increased staff resource to help things run as smoothly as possible this year.

The workload, and added complications of Covid-19, may mean that the officer team takes a little longer than usual to reply to any questions that societies may have.

We hope you recognise these challenges and will bear with us as we do our best to resolve your enquiries.

In planning for how to remember Rob, we wanted to capture his spirit, expressed by so many on the virtual memorial wall, as well as making sure we deliver on Rob’s manifesto pledges.

With this in mind, we are creating a memorial wall in the student centre and are organising a memorial event that will take place once Rob’s friends are back and campus life is underway.

One of Rob’s manifesto pledges was about supporting international societies and we have created a £5k funding allocation that will be ring-fenced for international student societies to bid for, using the alumni fund process to do that.

As part of our response to The SU’s climate emergency declaration we also aim to identify a specific activity that we can link to Rob’s ambitions in this area.

Later in the year, as part of The SU group awards, we plan create the Rob Tyrrell award that will go to the student who most reflected Rob’s enthusiasm and contribution to the student experience.

Throughout the year we will also remember the fun, warmth and energy he brought to student life at Bath, in ways that we are sure would have made Rob smile.

As a reminder, Wellbeing Advisors can provide a confidential space for students to talk through any feelings or concerns that you have. They can also point you in the direction of further support or practical help.

You might also like to seek support from the University ChaplainSU Advice & Support, or Cruse Bereavement Care.


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