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SU Statement on UCU Strike Action

SU Statement on UCU Strike Action

The SU stands in solidarity with UCU Bath for this coming strike action.

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As an Officer Team, we stand in support of the University and College Union (UCU) Bath and their announced period of strike action that will occur on the 24, 25, and 30 November. We have formed this stance following consultation with members of SUmmit and our various Exec Committees.

We believe that our staff deserve fair pay, excellent working conditions, job security, and appropriate pensions. Furthermore, as an SU, we believe that improvements in staff working conditions is in the students' interest, and a necessary condition to secure higher quality feedback, more staff contact hours, and a better learning environment more broadly.

We understand that any strike action will have significant impact on students, but are aware that if the issues raised by UCU aren't addressed we could see more disruptive action taken later in the academic year. Therefore, we think the best way to avoid this is by directing our full support to UCU, and ensuring this round of strike action is as powerful as possible. It is important to note that strike action will occur regardless of the SU making a stance.

We urge you to look at our Staff Strikes information page to find out more about what is happening, where to go for support, and how to get involved. You can also find information about how to make a complaint through your department.

We respect the fact that some students will disagree with the position we have taken, and we want to make clear that we will not place any pressure on students to not cross the picket line.


Joe O'Toole
4:32pm on 18 Nov 22 To anyone angry about strikes - don't blame the educators who're getting overworked, underpaid and robbed of their pensions, blame the vice-chancellors and other uni leaders at UUK who're taking home millions and exploiting staff until they have no other choice. Solidarity with the UCU! If you want to show your support, consider staying home on the strike days.
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