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SUmmit - setting the political direction of The SU

SUmmit - setting the political direction of The SU

Find out what SUmmit does and how standpoints are created!

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You may have heard us mention this particularly exciting committee of student leaders before, but we wanted to take the opportunity to properly spotlight the work of the SUmmit Committee.

What is SUmmit? SUmmit is made up of a range of student leaders and representatives across all areas of the SU. Its purpose is to set the political direction of The SU by voting on Standpoint proposals and to hold the SU Officers to account. Read more here.

What is a Standpoint? A standpoint is a position that The SU adopts on a particular issue, topic, or aspect of University life. Standpoints do not bind The SU to any specific action, but they do demonstrate The SU's stances on a range of issues, and a stance can inform the actions of student leaders, officers or representatives. Read more here.

What has happened so far? This is the first year SUmmit has existed and since the start of the Academic Year, they have met 3 times and approved 27 Standpoints already! You can see all of our  current Standpoints in our Standpoint Document.

Can I submit a Standpoint proposal? Any student can submit a Standpoint proposal for SUmmit’s consideration and it is a really easy process, find out more here.

The March meeting and a call out for statements

At the latest meeting on 30 March, there was discussion about a range of Standpoint proposals, topics included the curriculum, climate action, the UK Living Wage, attendance monitoring, and more. In total, 10 Standpoints were passed after the SUmmit members had the opportunity to cast their votes. However, not all proposals are passed straight away and one of SUmmit’s decisions this time was to call out to all students for statements relating to one of the proposals… SUmmit are now asking for any interested students to make statements of support, or opposition, relating to the following Standpoint proposal:

“The SU believes that the University should provide in-depth and tailored feedback on all types of assessment for all students from under-represented groups.”

Please email to share your statements.