Something affecting your studies?

Individual Mitigating Circumstances

What is an Individual Mitigating Circumstance?

Individual Mitigating Circumstances (IMCs) are personal circumstances that may have affected a students’ performance in an assessment. An IMC can be a physical or mental wellbeing issue, or can be a personal issue such as a bereavement.  

If you have an exam, coursework or other assessment that you feel has been affected by an IMC, you must submit an IMC report form. You must do this no more than 3 days after the affected assessment. This makes your department formally aware that there has been an issue which has impacted your work.

Not all IMC report forms are accepted. The SU Advice and Support Centre can help you fill in the form and make sure it’s as strong as possible before submitting.

Completing the IMC report form

In the form, you will need to write a description of your circumstances. This needs to be focused on the impact that these circumstances have on your assessment, not the impact that they have on you personally. Our Advisors can help you put this description together and establish what evidence you will need to provide. Key points to include are:  

  • What the circumstances are
  • The time frame in which they have occurred
  • Most importantly, the effect that they have had on your studies. It’s important in this section to give tangible examples e.g. unable to sleep, appetite affected etc.

Once complete, IMC report forms are submitted to your Director of Studies. You must hand your form within 3 days of your assessment.

What happens to the form once I’ve submitted it?

Your request will be considered by your department, faculty or school’s IMC Panel, who will decide whether your IMC claim is valid. If it is considered valid, then the Board of Examiners for Programmes (BEP) will take the IMC into account when making progression or classification decisions.

I think I have a valid IMC claim but would like to talk with someone before filling in the form.

You can talk confidentially to an Advisor at the Advice and Support Centre about anything which you feel is having an impact on your studies. Drop in to the Advice and Support Centre in Level 2 of The SU, phone on 01225 386906 or email



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