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Student Experience Advisory Panel

Student Experience Advisory Panel

Student Experience Advisory Panel

The upcoming academic year will be like no other, and the student voice is important now more than ever. 

As the university develops plans to deliver a quality learning and teaching offer for you, it’s clear that the student experience goes far beyond that. You know what shapes your experience more than anyone else, and that is why we want you at the heart of this project. 

We need a group of engaged students to review ideas proposed by the University and the SU. This work will take place throughout the rest of the summer but are looking to carry it on throughout the Academic Year, to provide feedback and engagement to the student experience, and propose changes when needed. 

This work will mainly be carried out through Microsoft Teams, where we will be in touch and engage with you regularly. 

We will provide any training and support needed. 

Get Involved 

If you want to get involved in shaping the student experience over the next year, please complete our quick online form.  



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