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Student Safety in Bath

Student Safety in Bath

Together with the Student Community Partnership, we are looking at ways to enhance student safety across Bath.

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Bath is not only a beautiful city, it is deemed as a very safe city to live in and to visit. Several organisations work to continuously review safety measures to keep this high standard and reputation. Bath’s Student Community Partnership (SCP) is just one of those organisations.

The SCP works with institutions such as the Universities, Bath College and Norland College as well as Bath and North East Somerset Council. It looks to continue bettering the experience for student residents and permanent residents in the community running campaigns on safety, sustainability, and neighbourly relations.

As part of this, we are currently looking into safety around Bath and are keen to identify any areas that you feel would benefit from increased safety measures. Once these areas are identified we will be sharing them with Bath and North East Somerset Council and the local police to get their support in improving things such as CCTV and lighting. We have therefore set up an interactive map where you can pinpoint areas of concern by following the steps below:

1 - Log into a google account

2 - Click on this link Google Map

3 - Press the edit button 

4 - Find the location and drop a marker 

5 - Add your comments on potential improvements to improve safety

On Wednesday 12 May the SCP will be meeting to discuss personal safety in Bath and on Wednesday 19  May, the SCP will be meeting to discuss river safety. You can find out more about the SCP here

Safe Zone

In case you have missed it the University has recently launched a campus wide app called Safe Zone. The SafeZone app allows for emergency messaging and contact tracing tailored to our University community. It sends notifications if there is an emergency situation on campus as well as allowing you immediate contact with Security or Wellbeing Services.

You can download it for iOS or Android and sign in using your University username and password.

Watch this video for more information on SafeZone

Introducing SafeZone from University of Bath on Vimeo.

If you have any concerns about safety in Bath and want to get in touch directly please contact or to report an incident you can report this via the Report and Support tool.