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Student volunteers collaborate on Urban Beach Clean

Student volunteers collaborate on Urban Beach Clean


Life in plastic, not always fantastic. On Saturday 20 October 2018, members of V Team collaborated with Bath Spa volunteering project Go, Give, Experience and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity to organise an ‘Urban Beach Clean’. The focus of this was to draw attention to the growing urban plastic problem that’s contributing to pollution.

Covering 5 different routes from the University of Bath to Oldfield Park, our collaborative group of Volunteers made an effort to pick up any litter they found en route. This included cigarette butts, plastic bottles, and other unsavoury, dangerous items. By the end of the day, volunteers had filled an astonishing 50 bags full of litter, much of which would have otherwise ended up in our oceans.  The SU Bath’s Volunteer Coordinator, Debbie Thornton, stated “Our students were saddened to find so much litter – and such a variety- in a beautiful, world-famous city. They are determined to spread WDC’s message that plastic is #NotWhaleFood to their friends and families and to do their utmost to reduce the amount of plastic they use.”


Up to 95% of the plastic found in our oceans comes from towns and cities, and 56% of all whale and dolphin species have been found to be consuming marine plastic. This shocking figure proves the growing importance in making sure we are practising sustainable, environmentally-friendly ways of living. After the success of our 2017/18 “Leave No Trace” campaign, the SU is working with the University to reduce the unnecessary single-use plastic within our own campus. Other ways that you can help to reduce your plastic waste is by opting for reusable coffee cups, reusable shopping bags, and choosing loose fruit and veg items as opposed to those in plastic bags.

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