Students provide first aid cover at the London Marathon

We are lucky to have so many wonderful student volunteers at The SU who dedicate a huge amount of their time to helping others. On 22 April, seven student volunteers from St. John Ambulance (LINKS)  (SJA) spent their Sunday providing first aid cover at the London Marathon, alongside 1500 other SJA volunteers.  

SJA are dedicated to teaching first aid to as many people as possible in order to give people the skills to save lives. LINKS is a special branch designed for students in higher education to access first aid training. 

Our volunteers were situated along the 11 and 12 mile markers, in Bermondsey and Tower Bridge, treating people from 09:30 to 15:30. They used the life-saving skills they have learnt and developed at their weekly training sessions to help each casualty. 

Catherine Prowse, Operational First Aider and student volunteer of SJA said “The experience was enormously eye-opening, allowing us all to really understand and appreciate both the level of planning and coordination required to provide first aid at such a large event, and the importance of our roles as first aiders for athletes and spectators alike”. 

“It was very humbling when members of the public all across London thanked us for our work and I felt proud to be a member of St John Ambulance”. 

SJA have been supporting the London Marathon since its launch in 1981, importantly providing trained and experienced medics, nurses and first aiders every year. Our volunteers used their first aid training to deal with a wide range of injuries including fainting, heat exhaustion and musculoskeletal injuries. 

Claudia Kanders, Units Lead and Training Lead at Southwark & Bricklayer’s Arm’s Unit, SJA said “At the recent London Marathon, we had the pleasure of working with members of Bath LINKS Unit to provide first aid to the runners”.

“Their professionalism and readiness were very appreciated on a quite busy Treatment Centre just after the 12 mile marker…and hope to be able to work with them again at next year’s London Marathon”. 

Find out how about the live saving first aid training you can get involved in with St. John Ambulance at Bath. 



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