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Support Equal Access at Bath

Support Equal Access at Bath

Donations wanted - Equal Access at Bath is a student-led initiative campaigning for undergraduate level scholarships and tailor-made financial and support packages to be provided for asylum seeker students.

The Equal Access at Bath (EAAB) Campaign is working to encourage our university to implement undergraduate asylum seeker scholarships. Asylum seekers have a multitude of barriers in the way of accessing university, we believe that it is our joint responsibility at the University of Bath to help individuals overcome these.

Our campaign is inspired by the #EqualAccess movement across university campuses to support forced migrants. At the University of Bath, this process began five years ago, when the University of Bath Amnesty Society, working alongside the Students' Union, successfully lobbied for the implementation of two post-graduate asylum seeker scholarships. This was an amazing achievement, but we know there is more that can be done.

Our focus is now on the needs of asylum seekers at the undergraduate level. We want two undergraduate scholarships to be implemented over the next three years and are working tirelessly towards this. We know that there is scope to make a real difference to an individual’s life, at the university and in the wider community.

"I know for a fact that education is power. It is also a basic human right I believe that we can empower people if they are given the chance to educate themselves.” - Gamu (Gamu arrived in the UK from Zimbabwe in 2000. After many years, during which she was determined to keep her dreams alive through education, she was finally granted refugee status in 2010.

We ask that you spread the word about our campaign, and of course, get in touch if you want to get involved! The fundraising campaign is now live and will run until 10 May. Visit the website for more information and to make your donation! 

Campaign Updates 

As of Friday 16 April, we raised £2,211 so far, which is 29% of our total! Huge thanks for all the donations so far but let's keep going! 

As of Friday 23rd April we raised £2,844! Bath Amnesty society have also launched their RAN-mesty for students to collectively run and walk as much as possible to raise awareness of and donate towards the campaign.




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