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Two nominations for SU Officers at Wonkhe Awards

Two nominations for SU Officers at Wonkhe Awards

We’re so happy to hear that two of the SU Officers have been nominated for Wonkhe awards; congratulations to our SU President, Eve Alcock, and our Community Officer, Alisha Lobo, for the nominations! Wonkhe is a platform to discuss and analyse Higher Education policy, and aims to mobilise change that matters within HE. The Wonke awards are there to shine a light on the best of the community’s writing, ideas and analysis that have been pivotal to debate in the higher education sector over the year.

Both Eve and Alisha has been nominated in the Students and Students’ Unions category, and have both written very thought-provoking articles on the higher education sector. Alisha’s, entitled ‘What does zero tolerance really mean?’ talks about how higher education bodies deal with misconduct and what more needs to be done to ensure that ‘zero tolerance’ does mean exactly that. Talking about the nomination, Alisha said “It is an honour to be have made the shortlist for my article ‘what does zero tolerance really mean?’ When supporting minority students it is essential that the institution is clear about the action that they will and will not take, as well as their support to victims and perpetrators whilst also having comprehensive system in place for education of the wider community. It is wonderful to be shortlisted for an award on a topic that I have worked on for the past three years, more so with Eve, who is also a close friend. Working to influence wider policy on a national level is essential in ensuring no student is left behind.”  

Eve’s article, ‘Is having a seat at the table enough?’, looks at the best way to get the student voice heard by Senior Management at the University. When asked about what it felt like to be nominated, Eve told us that “It’s such a pleasure to not only have been shortlisted, but be recognised alongside Alisha too. It was important to me to shine a light on how campaigning for change on our campuses requires a flexible and adaptive approach in order to maximise the chance that we’re securing wins for students. For this blog to be platformed on a national level like this is super exciting!”

The Wonkhe awards will be held during Wonkfest on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 November. Good luck to both Alisha and Eve on their nominations!