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Update on the Marking & Assessment Boycott

Update on the Marking & Assessment Boycott

A statement from The SU

On Wednesday 7th June 2023 your SU President, Education Officer, Postgraduate Officer and elected Senate Rep attended the University Senate meeting.

One of the items that was discussed was a paper addressing the Marking and Assessment Boycott for continuing undergraduate students, as well as Postgraduate, taught students. The aim of the paper was to discuss next steps for students impacted by the Boycott and how the University plans to respond. At this stage, members of Senate are still able to provide feedback to the paper, so we are currently unable to disclose any information.  

We are all very aware that it’s important for you to receive information as quickly as possible, but also that it’s clear and consistent. Once Senate makes its decision there will be work behind the scenes to pull out the main points so it’s easier to understand how they relate to you. Staff will also be briefed so that if you need to ask them questions, they are in a better position to do so. This means there may be a few days between the decision and the information being published, however please be patient, the aim is to keep communications open, transparent, and clear. 

We would also like to use this opportunity to remind students that we currently have a live form available, where any student can provide feedback to the Students’ Union on how they are currently feeling about the Boycott. You can complete the form online here  - Feedback regarding Marking and Assessment boycott measures. We are grateful for all the comments we have received so far; these have been useful in helping us shape our discussions with the university. 

Following some of the feedback we have received from students, it is apparent that for some of our finalists, there are still some concerns surrounding graduation ceremonies. We would like to repeat the message that ceremonies will continue as planned for students expecting to graduate this summer. Further information can also be found within the university FAQ’s. Industrial action: FAQs for students.

As an SU, we completely understand that for students impacted by the boycott, this is an incredibly frustrating time. You have all been hugely impacted throughout your degrees, and we are working hard to ensure that over the next weeks and months you face the least amount of disruption possible.  
We would like to remind you that should you have any further question or queries, the university have created a central email address that any student can use - 
Many thanks,  
Julia, Education Officer and Jura, Postgraduate Officer