Volunteer Celebration 2018

On Thursday 26 April students, staff and local charities came together at the Volunteer Celebration at the Apex Hotel, Bath. This annual celebration is a wonderful opportunity to recognise the invaluable contributions our student volunteers have made this academic year. 

There are so many fantastic student groups at The SU who work tirelessly throughout the year to help others. This year our student volunteers have impressively raised over £63,000 for local and national charities. 

B&NES Chair Cherry Beath and the Deputy Mayor of B&NES Councillor Rob Appleyard were in attendance, as well as Pro Vice Chancellor Peter Lambert, University Secretary Mark Humphriss and Vice-President (Implementation) Steve Egan. 

Deputy Mayor, Rob Appleyard, awarded Xue Ling Boey (V Team Events Officer) and Lyam England (RAG Events Officer) for their outstanding contribution to volunteering in the local community. 

RAG presented their cheques to their Big 4 charities – Jamie’s Farm, Send a Cow, Genesis Trust and Children’s Hospice South West - who they have spent the year fundraising for. They also gave a cheque to the Children’s Society who are the beneficiaries of the Machu Picchu Trek. 

Hilary Long, Community and Events Manager for Genesis Trust said “We were impressed and inspired by all that we heard and saw at the Volunteer Celebration last Thursday”.

“The Bath University students have worked so hard to support the local community and the Genesis Trust is immensely grateful for all their volunteering and fundraising carried out this year”.

“The £6000 raised by RAG activities will make a huge difference to homeless and vulnerable people in Bath. Thank you so much”.

Josh Myers was awarded a Chair’s Award from V Team for his contribution to volunteering with the group as an Events Officer. Chris Lennon  also received a Chair’s Award from RAG for his contribution to the group as Treasurer. 

V Team celebrated the variety of projects they have undertaken in the local community this year, with postgraduate student Lyndsay Christie highlighting the success of the STEM workshops that she ran in Twerton School. 

Bath Marrow spoke about their work in supporting national charity Anthony Nolan, having signed up 302 people to the bone marrow register as well as raising an impressive £5252.40. 

Anna Boneham, Student Volunteer Manager said “It’s always great to see the culmination of all the hard work over the year come together in one evening”. 

“Every year it makes me realise how much The SU volunteers do – from V Team, RAG and other groups such as clubs and societies whom lead events for students to get involved within their local community and who also go on to raise a huge amount for charities”. 

It was a fantastic evening celebrating our incredible student volunteers – congratulations to everyone on another amazing year of volunteering and fundraising. 


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