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Celebrating Rob Tyrrell’s Legacy

Celebrating Rob Tyrrell’s Legacy

This year, as part of our SU Awards, we are introducing the Rob Tyrrell Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution.

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In memory of Rob Tyrrell, Activities Officer 2020/21, The SU, Rob’s family, and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering want to recognise students that bring a similar light to The SU as Rob did. 

Rob’s sudden passing back in June impacted the whole of our University community and we have been honouring Rob’s legacy throughout the year. People who had the pleasure of knowing Rob would always remark at his sunny personality, constant smiling face, and very colourful clothing choices. He threw himself into everything he did and held positions as an Academic Rep, Freshers’ Week Captain, and was an active member of RAG and People and Planet before being elected as Activities Officer 2020/21. The impact that Rob had on our student community can be seen on his memorial wall, and everyone consistently describes Rob as being a welcoming, friendly, and positive influence on everyone he met.  

To memorialise Rob, we want to recognise people with a similar shine that he radiated, and the commitment that he brought to making our community a better place. This year, as part of our SU Awards, we are introducing the Rob Tyrrell Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution. This award is for someone that has gone above and beyond throughout their university career, thrown themselves into everything they do with positivity, embodies the values that The SU stands for, and has consistently supported and encouraged others. It’s not an award to recognise what someone’s done, it’s an award that recognises the exceptional attitude and commitment someone has had to our University Community, just like Rob. The winner of this award will also receive a prize of £100 donated in memory of Rob from his family and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.  

We are looking forward to embedding this award into our SU for at least the next 20 years, and we’re really excited to hear about all the fantastic ways that students have been working to make our community at Bath a welcoming, inclusive and supportive place for everyone.  


Rachelle Wabissa
2:53pm on 12 Mar 21 I think Rob would have loved this, it's a brilliant idea. Thank you.
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