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Helpful Tips for Living in Bath

Helpful Tips for Living in Bath

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Helpful Tips for Living in Bath from the Student Community Partnership. 

  • While it might not be the best time to have a cup of tea with your new neighbours, it is still important to be considerate and aware of any loud noise or gatherings, especially after 11pm. 
  • Make sure you sort out your Council Tax
  • Get involved! Student volunteering opportunities help you make the most of your time here
  • Rubbish and Recycling Advice: If you have just moved into privately rented accommodation, the Council have provided information for you on rubbish and recycling disposal and collections. Please ensure your landlord has provided you with the correct waste and recycling containers issued by the council.  If you need to find out your collection day, download your collection calendar so you don’t miss bin day. Remember, rubbish is only collected fortnightly, so make sure to recycle all you can! 
  • For more information about Bath, check out the Student Community Partnership website where you can also get your move-in checklist.


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