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Statement against racial abuse

Statement against racial abuse

The SU unreservedly condemn discriminatory and hateful behaviour directed towards students of colour.

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Content warning: racism, racial abuse, harassment

Over the last few days, black students (and other minority ethnic students) within our community have been the target of racism in the form of online abuse. This is unacceptable.

This is a message directly to the abusers: these hate crimes violate everything The SU stands for – we unreservedly condemn the discriminatory and hateful behaviour directed towards students of colour.

We, the students of the University of Bath, stand for inclusion, liberation and amplifying under-represented voices, this includes challenging discrimination and hate-crime as well as white privilege and micro-aggressions. Our community needs to step up and condemn all acts of this nature as intolerable and stand with students of colour in solidarity. It is all of our responsibility to become anti-racist and challenge the systematic racism in our communities and wider society – see here some resources about being an anti-racist ally.

If you witness or are the victim of any incidents of racism, or harassment of any kind, please report this to the University or our Advice Centre who can talk you through the report process:

If you have been impacted by racist abuse, please do consider reaching out for wellbeing support at the University.

Lastly, as an SU we can always be doing more and we want to constantly challenge our own approach – so please do get in touch with us to talk about our current Anti-racism work or provide feedback.

In solidarity,

The SU