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Elections - what's new for 2021 - By Election Update

Elections - what's new for 2021 - By Election Update

SU Groups Committee elections are here and if you want the opportunity to lead one of our groups next year now if your chance.

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The first round of elections has already happened and we are now holding a By-Election to fill vacant spaces on the different committees. Links and available roles have been updated to reflect this. 

This year has been unusual, to say the least but we are all hoping for next year to be epic as we bounce back from covid and show the student body what life really is like at University. Now is your chance to step up and help shape what that will look like next year!

SU Group elections are happening now and you can be part of this.  To view the many roles on offer, as well as seeing how you can stand or vote, please go to the elections page

Key Dates:

  • Nominations open Monday 29th March at 12.00 pm
  • Nominations close Monday 19th April at 12.00 pm
  • Voting opens Thursday 22nd April 17.00 pm 
  • Voting closes Wednesday 28th April at 12.00 pm
  • Results Friday 30th April at 5.00 pm


Terminology explained 

Nominations: SU Committee roles are elected which means you need to be voted into the role. To do this you have to express an interest and then write a short statement on what you want to do with the role.

Polling: This is when people can vote on who they want to lead their groups. You can vote for yourself so please go on and vote!

Open Committee: this year a few of our groups are trying something different and they are electing general committee members who will be elected as the committee and then, as a group, you will decide who does what roles.

Traditional Committee: Some committees have set roles such as Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, etc... The chair leads the committee and is the main communication link with the SU. Secretaries keep the group's admin in order, sends emails, and look after social media and Treasurers looks after all of the group's monies! Committee then all have extra roles with set responsibilities.

Exec Roles: An exec is the group that sits above the group committee and below officers in the structure. They provide a link between all of the groups and support group development. There are two roles that are specific to the volunteering area- Fundraising Liaison and Volunteering Liaison 


What roles are available in Volunteering this year: 

Stand or vote for the volunteering committee to view an opportunity you need to be a member of the group, all volunteering groups are free to join so go to their page to sign up to see their roles.

V Team: 1 x Engagement Officers 

RAG: Challenge Lead

Enactus: Open Committee x 1

Bath University Boob Team: Open Committee x 5

Student Action for Refugees (STAR): Open Committee x 2

Marrow: Open Committee x 5

All groups recruiting open committees will meet after the election to work out who will do each committee's role. 


Exec Positions

Stand or Vote for Exec 

Fundraising Liaison: This role will work closely with groups to deliver the best fundraising practices and enable collaboration across departments to support projects and events. They’ll work with the RAG committee and lead other groups to consider fundraising for the Big 4. They will be supported by the Activities Administrator and Societies Coordinator, working on projects for Black History Month, LGBT+ history month, and running a fundraiser during the annual Masquerade Ball.

Volunteer Liaison: Filled in the first election 

Although this article has been focused on Volunteering, all student groups have roles available including sport and societies. 


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