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Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month

Let's celebrate our Volunteer of the Month and the amazing work that they have done

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Volunteer(s) of the Month! 

Volunteers do some outstanding work alongside their studies. Here is a place to recognize some of the amazing work that has been achieved. 

All volunteers who are recognized as Volunteer of the Month receive a Volunteering Travel Mug and a LinkedIn endorsement. 



Saffron Gupta

(V Team) V Graduate Project Leader

Saffron organized the creation of 182 handmade easter cards to distribute to vulnerable members of the Bath Community



Angel Cascarino


For organizing the Backstage gamathon which raised over £2,200! 

Backstage Technical Services and friends streamed 15 games over 20 consecutive hours for the British Red Cross's Operation Anti-Loneliness campaign



Emily Russel 


For dedication and commitment to RAG, Emily has spent the month redesigning the RAG Big 4 processes to maximize student input into the process. 



Mason Excel


(V Team) V Twerton Project Leader

For organizing an epic virtual Christmas party for Twerton Infant School 



Joanna Bardadin and Marianna Taki

(V Team) V Virtual joint Project Leaders

For excellent commitment to V Virtuals V Lounge. Both Joanna and Marianna have run a fantastic project enabling students to continue volunteering virtually. 


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