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Meet the Team

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Volunteering Team at The SU Bath - Anna, Zoe, Katherine, Beckie

Meet the Team SU Volunteering

The Volunteering team source fantastic volunteering opportunities for any students who want to gain extra skills, meet others or improve their wellbeing. The team also helps local community organisations and charities share their opportunities with University of Bath students and host a range of volunteering events.


SU Officers Zoe Paumelle

Zoe is your elected Activities Officer for 21-22. She is originally from France (Bonjour!) and lived there all her life until moving to England for University. Before becoming an officer,  Zoe completed a BA in Management and took a placement year at Opel-Vauxhall, which she absolutely loved. She is also a massive Korean pop music fan and her favorite movie is High School Musical. She loves cheese and will engage in a 6-hour conversation about it if no one stops her!

Zoe can chat to you about your ideas for activities in the SU particularly around sustainbility.

"This is going to be an exciting year for societies and volunteering groups and I’m really looking forward to helping you plan events and other fun things (woohoo!)"



Anna Boneham

Anna is the Volunteering and Societies Manager here at the SU, this involves responsibility for the strategic planning and direction of the area; as well as being responsible for health and safety and financial good practice.

Anna studied Social Policy at Anglia Ruskin Uni as a mature student and graduated at the grand ‘old’ age of 32. Whilst at Uni, Anna became involved in volunteering for a variety of organisations and then started working for the Oxfam development team in Cambridge, with a move to Bath in 1998 to continue her role with the Oxfam Bristol team.

Anna has travelled around quite a lot but made Bath her home where she now lives with her husband and son. She is part of the ‘Bath Women’s Fund’ that celebrates and supports organisations that empower women, girls and families and is also a volunteer befriender for AGE UK.

Anna has worked in the SU since 2000 (yikes!!) and now oversees Volunteering and Societies where she is responsible for managing and developing the area.


Beckie Upton

Beckie is a Volunteering Coordinator at the SU. Beckie Studied PGCert in Design at UWE and a BA in Contemporary Fine Art Practices at Dartington College of Arts. She has worked on many artistic and creative projects with young people, and within galleries developing volunteering programmes. At the SU she is working to increase activity around sustainability and climate action in volunteering and in the areas of health, wellness and community groups.

As a new student, following her move to Bristol, she set up a project to break the cycle of ‘you have to have experience to get experience’, directing an 8 week residency, exhibition, events and training programme for 8 selected artists and a small team of enthusiastic young volunteers. Since then she has led arts activities in collectives, with organisations and in 2020, received an artistic development grant through ACE for experimental studio practice and community work.

You can chat to Beckie about project planning, creative volunteering, volunteering for sustainable projects, connecting with charities, volunteering for employability.


Katherine Everton

Katherine is the Volunteer Administrator at the SU, where she supports the Bath Lloyds Scholars and other student volunteers at the University of Bath.

Previously, Katherine lived in London and worked at the BBC in the Environment & Ethical team before moving to Bath. After a few years of being a full time parent she is delighted to be working for the University of Bath supporting students and the wider community.

Katherine enjoys volunteering (she knows the benefits!), occasionally doing something sporty like a triathlon, and sustainable living. She’s always happy to hear about new volunteering ideas and loves celebrating the amazing contributions that volunteers make.





You can get in touch with us at volunteers@bath.ac.uk or drop in to the SU office in the Edge between 10am to 4pm on weekdays to ask us anything about Volunteering!





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