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Surplus food donated to Julian House

Surplus food donated to Julian House

Training conference surplus food donated to local homeless charity, Julian House.

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Our student leader training conference was a massive success on Saturday 30th April. Almost 200 new leaders came and learn how to lead their group committees for the coming academic year.

Lunch was provided as part of the conference and all surplus sandwiches and fruit were donated to Julian House's Manvers Street Hostel. The SU is also looking at how to eliminate over ordering from future events.




What is Julian House's Manvers Street Hostel?

Julian House has a range of homelessness services that provide real opportunity and support to prevent people from sleeping rough or to come in directly off the streets. Manvers St Hostel, in Bath, provides 20 beds with 24-hour staff support. We ensure that people sleeping rough can come in and be welcomed by staff who are keen to support each person to recover from homelessness. 

Find out more: julianhouse.org.uk/service/manvers-street-hostel


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