What We Do

PhySoc is the Physics society here at the University of Bath. We welcome anyone wishing to join; whether you are studying Physics related subjects or simply have an interest in Physics.

PhySoc is an energetic society that gives fellow science buffs the chance to chill out together. With days out, adventures to labs and other awesome science places along with night time contemplations over food & beverages. It helps the physics brain in you grow and develop alongside like minded folk.

Check our Career Links sub-page regularly for updated opportunities that might be useful for you!

Reasons to Join Us

PhySoc have a brilliant calender of events this upcoming year, here are a few reasons to join:

  • Our departmental ISB Trip Abroad.
  • Free merch for Freshers! (Wristbands, Bottle Openers and More!)
  • Our December event, departmental Christmas Ball.
  • Free Public Lectures delivered by academic staff usually taking place in The Brew House!
  • A big blowout event at the end of exam season!
  • And of course, fantastic regular themed Socials throughout the year!

Come and Meet Us

Our committee members are all friendly, sociable Physicists who can be found around Physics Square and, of course, attending all the social events which we will be planning.

Take a look at this year's PhySoc committee members below and if you recognise any of us around campus, make sure to say hi! We can be spotted easily when wearing our light blue committee hoodies.

We are also easy to approach via our committee email, should you want to ask any questions.

And make sure to get involved in the great events that we will be planning throughout the year - we look forward to meeting you all and welcoming our new Freshers into PhySoc!


To keep up to date with our events, make sure to join our Facebook group and become a member early on in the year to make the most of these great events!




Social Secretary


Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

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