What We Do

            Lusitanian soil, the home of Portugal’s roots, naturally wealthy in various ways. This tree, whose branches have spread all over the world, touched upon and grown side by side with numerous other nations, offering shade to a variety of ethnicities under its guarding leaves. Since this is the role of successive generations of the Portuguese, our vision is, and could only be so too, to join together all those who are Portuguese or support Portugal, passionate to propagate all that defines our culture, ways of being and our role in the world of today.

            Naturally, all students with connections to Portugal or its language, have expressed their zealous and ardent interest in supporting the prospect of a Portuguese Society. Whilst many others have voiced their support too. Our aims and objectives are to match and surpass expectations, which follow the lines of:

  1. Creating a strong community of Portuguese and Portuguese speaking students.
  2. Being the networking intermediate for students coming from different regions of Portugal; former Portuguese settlements; and overseas, who otherwise might never meet.
  3. Allowing all University of Bath students, most notably those studying the Portuguese language, to be immersed in its culture

Reasons to Join Us

  • Social events in town.
  • Portuguese parties.
  • Collaborations with other european societies, such as the European Night.
  • Football tournaments.