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Aoibheann Brady                                        Doctoral Chair 

Denise Borbolla                                          PGT Chair 








The Doctoral and PGT Chairs are the primary doctoral and taught postgrad spokespersons and representatives of the PGA, and coordinate the Exec's events and activities.

Heather Wyman-Pain                            Doctoral Student Experience Rep 

Georgia Prastiti                                            PGT Student Experience Rep


The Doctoral and PGT Student Engagement Reps plan and deliver events and activities that develop opportunities, contact and  postgraduate issues, tie in with campaigns or enhance the postgraduate experience in other ways. 

Millie Green                                                 Graduate Teaching Assistant Rep

The GTA Rep will work to enhance the experience of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) at the University of Bath across a range of areas, including training, conditions and support.




Carl Chittenden                                          Publicity Rep

The Publicity Rep is responsible for positively promoting the PGA and its activities to postgraduates and the University