Are you involved with a club or society and want to get involved with our fundraising efforts?

Your society can do almost anything to raise money for charity and as all fundraising within the SU must go through RAG (Raise and Give) , we can provide anything you need to do it successfully; whether you want to borrow buckets, volunteers, publicity, collection permits and or anything else you might need. Read our guidelines on running an event

There is such a diverse range of clubs and societies on campus that every club and society could get involved with a variety of different events.  You can choose a specific charity that you want to support with your club or society, or all the money you raise can go to support RAG's Big Four.

Getting your society involved is easy and here are some ways you can!

  • Take part in a street collection for a charity you choose - RAG can organise a permit for you in any city of your choice.
  • Run a social to any of our events, such as Take Me Out.
  • Perform/ show off your skills at any of our events, from the Sleepout to Bath's Got Talent.
  • If you run performances, games or any other type of events, donate the proceeds to charity or have some volunteers collect on the day.
  • Run an event specifically for charity - dance shows, sports competitions, stunt days etc.
  • Take part in our Nearly Naked Calendar - back this year!

You really can do anything and the skills you have within your club or society really can make a difference.

Click here for an A-Z guide on fundraising ideas

E-mail us at with your suggestions, how we can help or just to let us know what you are doing to fundraise! 

Virtual Fundraising

This year, we are encouraging a shift to virtual fundraisers as a large number of students switch to remote learning. Click here for our Virtual Fundraising Tips and Tricks.