The Elections Committee are responsible for advising and leading in the area of elections, for the Students' Union. Members of the Committee may not stand in the SU Officer elections in the same academic year, but they may stand for other roles in the SU. The Committee will:

  • Advise and lead the elections area of the Students’ Union
  • Run events and activities to increase candidate and voter turn-out and engagement
  • Make decisions on the structure and process of elections
  • Liaise with student groups about elections
  • Support in the delivery of Questions to Candidates
  • Support in creating marketing materials
  • Attend relevant training and meetings


These are elected at the beginning of an Academic Year.


The Chair is an appointed position that oversees the entire work of Elections. They play a pivitol role in ensuring the smooth running of elections, support in the dealings of complaints and advise the Deputy Returning Officer on all election matters. 

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