What We Do

What is the Scandinavian Society? First off, let us clarify it is open to everyone, no matter your nationality! We’d like to think of the society as the perfect way to meet new people, all while being introduced to the Scandinavian culture. We organize many diverse events, whether it’d be an ABBA social in a club, a Viking pub crawl, playing crazy games for Valborg in a park, or on a trip, they are guaranteed to give you times to remember: we give an authentic Scandic university experience.

Reasons to Join Us

Our cost of membership is only £4, and you will definitely get more than your money’s worth over the year! We provide cheaper tickets to all our events for members, as well as some of our larger events being exclusively available to you! And as we said, the society gives you an authentic Scandic university experience all the while having great fun, so why not join?

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events (2019/2020):

Viking Pub Tour // Tuesday October 1st // TBC

European Night 

Pub quiz & Scandi society club takeover


Viking Pub Tour Part 2

Scandinavian Annual Dinner

Abba Social

Valborg drinks

...And many more to come!

Past Events (2018/2019):

Viking Pub Tour // Tuesday October 2nd // various locations in Bath 

Trip to IKEA // Sunday  October 7th // IKEA Bristol

European Night // November 8th // Zero Zero Bath

Pub quiz & Scandi society club takeover // November 15th // The Canon 

Fika // December 11th // SU

European Night Chapter 2 // February 12th // Komedia

Scandinavian annual dinner // February 28th // Bistro Pierre

ABBA social // March 26th // The Nest

European Night Chapter 3 // April 2nd // Komedia


Past Events (2017/2018):

Freshers' Meet & Greet // 30th September

Viking Pub Tour // 5th October 

Nordic Acoustic Night // 24th November  

Fika (informal) // 9th December 

Scandi&Ski Pres // Jan 2018 

Scandic Annual Dinner // 6th February 

PUB Quiz // 15th March 

The ABBA Social // 20th March

"Valborg": Beginning of Summer Drinks // 4th May


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Please always feel free to contact our Social Sec Laura Biro at lb822@bath.ac.uk should you have any questions!





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(Scandinavia vs. North West Europe)
How does expenditure per student (higher education) compare to employment rates?