Who are we?

What is the Scandinavian Society? First off, let us clarify it is open to everyone, no matter your nationality! We’d like to think of the society as the perfect way to meet new people, all while being introduced to the Scandinavian culture. We organize many diverse events, whether it’d be an ABBA social in a club, a Viking pub crawl, a lunchtime walk to the pub, or on a trip, they are guaranteed to give you times to remember: we give an authentic Scandi university experience.

Join our Whatsapp group to stay connected with other society members and recieve information about upcoming events and socials! Joining our group chat is the easiest way to stay up to date on events and deals:


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Please always feel free to contact our Chair, Minnie if you have any questions: msec22@bath.ac.uk

You are always free to message us on our insta or whatsapp too! @scandisoc_bath

Reasons to Join Us

This year we have numerous partnerships with clubs and pubs all around bath including (but not limited to!): 

OPA (Baianá)

The Canon


We provide cheaper tickets to all our events for members, as well as some of our larger events being exclusively available to you! There are even opportunities for private booths, free and discounted alcohol as well as queue jumping! And as we said, the society gives you an authentic Scandic university experience all the while having great fun, so why not join? You will definitely get your money's worth!

Did you know? You get access to All Social/Cultural Societies, for £3! By purchasing the £3 membership you will automatically have access to join our society for a fee of £0. Some events may require extra fees for tickets. 

Events Calendar


Date TBD:

- Scandi pub lunch walk

- Friday nights out at Bainá or Fame

- IKEA Christmas trip

Look out on our social media for exclusive deals and nights out - these may not be advertised on the website or be planned in advance! It all depends on our connections and agreements with venues.

(Remember - there may be a lot more events happening than what is currently planned, the easiest way to stay up to date is to regularly check our social medias and read the whatsapp. Check out our facebook/instagram page or message us on whatsapp to stay updated with future events!)

Past Events (2021/2022):

Meet & Greet // October 9th // Meet outside Bath Abbey

McDonalds night at Revs // October 12th // Revolution

Viking Pub Crawl // October 22nd // The Cork, The Canon, etc. 

IKEA trip // November 7th // IKEA Bristol (meet in Bath) 



Scandic Virtual Quiz // October 6th // ZOOM + kahoot 

Scandisoc Virtual Music Bingo // October 24th // ZOOM

Scandisoc Mixology Night // November 12th // ZOOM 

Scandi Challenge Night // November 25th // ZOOM 

Christmas Trivia Night // December 7th // ZOOM 

Valentines Theme Night  // February 12th // ZOOM  

Scandisoc Music Bingo // March 4th // ZOOM 



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