Each year we recruit a number of students who are interested in becoming part of our Student Trainer team. These students are from all disciplines and year groups, backgrounds and nationalities.

If you are successfully chosen to join our team, we give you an intensive two day "Train the Trainer" experience where you will be guided through the process of becoming an articulate, thoughtful, well researched, presentable and successful trainer.

During the year you will be asked to co-present with another Student Trainer on a selection of workshops.  You will also have the opportunity to assist your "Train the Trainer" trainer, Dr Margarida Dolan, with courses she delivers.

Applications for our 2018/19 Student Trainers open 4 December 2017 and close 23 February 2018.

Student Trainers 2017/18

This year, seven Student Trainers were recruited to receive personal training and will lead sessions during the 2017/18 academic year. Click on a Student Trainer to read why they wanted to join the programme.

Hanan Yonis

BA (Hons) Education with Psychology (Year 2)

I wanted to be a Student Trainer in order to develop my personal skills set, such as public speaking, communication skills and leadership along the way. I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone and take this opportunity to pass my experience of that on to others for them to benefit through successful student engagement. In addition, I view such key transferrable skills and confidence are vital for navigating life post-university.

As a Student Trainer I’m looking forward to taking this opportunity as a way of incorporating myself with the university and other students. I would love to give back to the university in a way that will benefit students and help provide a support network that is both rewarding for the trainers as well as for the students.

Other personal experiences involve taking part in voluntary work in the education sector and I’m currently engaged with the charity Beanstalk, where I volunteer in schools to support children engagement with reading. I would love to bring these positive experience into my role as Student Trainer, so as to benefit a wider audience.

Naomi Clarke

BSc (Hons) Politics and International Relations (Year 4)

Whilst at the University of Bath students have the best opportunities to develop themselves alongside immersing themselves in their degree. It is in taking part in Skills Training sessions that students are actively learning and improving invaluable skills such as time management, teamwork and communication which will set them apart in the future.

Peer-to-peer support is a key part of student life, and something that in my time at Bath I have supported through my roles as a Peer Mentor, Nightline volunteer and Fresher’s week Captain. In returning for my final year I will also be taking on an Advice and Support role in the Students’ Union. Aside from this during my second year I was the Publicity for the student-service Nightline, as well as representing the university as a One Young World Ambassador.

I applied to be a Student Trainer as I am keen to be part of a group that helps students to learn and develop their skills beyond their degree. In becoming a Student Trainer I am looking forward to working with the team to share our knowledge and experiences and to pushing myself to present in a more engaging way.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming, playing netball, travelling and drawing.

Katrina Xiao

BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance (Year 2)

I applied for the role as Student Trainer because I think Skills Training is a really helpful service for students at university and I believe this is a great opportunity for me to improve my skills in a variety of aspects. I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone and try to develop confidence, communication and Public Speaking Skills. Also, I am really excited to work as a member of a team and deliver interesting and useful workshops collaboratively. Being an International Student, I understand the importance of cultural awareness. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

I enjoy volunteering and I am one of the Peer Mentors as well. In my spare time, I love travelling, playing musical instruments and tennis.

Francesca Carta

BSc (Hons) International Management and Modern Languages (Spanish) (Year 2)

I applied for the role of Student Trainer because I wanted to feel challenged from this opportunity. I truly believe that going out from our comfort-zone can help us in our personal and professional growth. I have always been interested in developing my skills and contribute to others development and by holding this position I will be able to gain more experience in this area. I am passionate about learning and I acknowledge that we can learn something new every day by choosing the right environment and I consider this programme as the right environment to do so. Also, the opportunity to work within a multicultural group will enhance my understanding of other cultures and will be very important for my future career. Skills Training has something to offer to every student at the University of Bath and in our role as Student Trainers we are here to offer assistance to students interested in developing their personal and employability skills and to learn from each other by sharing ideas, opinions and life experiences. .

Rachel Taylor

BA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies (French and Spanish) (Year 2)

I wanted to become a Student Trainer to help other students increase their employability skills, whilst also improving my own presentation and public speaking ability as this is something I find challenging: I wanted to push myself to try something that is outside my comfort zone. I hope that the knowledge I can pass onto students through the sessions will have a positive impact on their lives and self-confidence. I relish working in a team and am confident that we can make the sessions we deliver really useful. I am excited to see how creative we can be to make the workshops as fun and engaging as possible!

This year I am also a Peer Mentor and a Student Ambassador as well as a member of the University Gymnastics Club and am planning to also join the Mountaineering Club to get my regular fix of fresh air and long walks. My personal interests include baking (I am a serious GBBO addict), learning languages, socialising with friends and travelling as much as possible to engage with different cultures (I am looking forward to visiting Vietnam in December). I got lot of satisfaction from completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and learnt a lot about myself from this valuable experience.

Vena Jain

MEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering (Year 2)

I wanted to become a Student Trainer as it would help boost my confidence and provide me with an opportunity to improve my presentation skills. It would enable me to develop useful techniques to improve my oral communication skills amongst a diverse group of people. Being a Student Trainer would further help me develop a broader perspective and improve my interpersonal and other key transferrable skills needed to boost my employability. I will get to learn how to vary styles of communication depending on the purpose and the audience which I feel is a vital skill in industry.

I have been actively involved with lot of societies and volunteering with V team in my first year. Similarly, in my second year, I have taken up positions in committees for People and Planet and Engineers Without Borders to improve my leadership skills. I enjoy devoting time to activities that lead to my personal development and provide me with such incredible learning experiences. I really look forward to delivering sessions to you guys this year!

Isabelle Sims

BSc (Hons) Biology with Professional Placement (Year 4)

I am really looking forward to being a Student Trainer and working to improve student skills across the university. I think it’s important that students can explore and develop their transferable skills in a relaxed environment before graduating, to give us the best possible start to working or postgraduate life. Attending Skills Training sessions in my second year helped me to prepare for my placement and now I am returning to Bath, I would love to share what I have learnt with other students, as well as continuing to develop my own skills.

I have spent my placement year working at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and I have loved working within a talented interdisciplinary team. I love learning about plants and fungi and enjoy spending time in the countryside developing my knowledge of the natural world. In my spare time, I do Latin and Ballroom dancing and I am also the Treasurer for the university club this year.

Arielle Rolland

BSc Business Administration (Year 3)

I applied for the role as Student Trainer because I am truly passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with others. I believe that communicating this knowledge is a great way to break down cultural barriers or social issues we may face on a daily basis. I look forward to delivering exciting and inspirational presentations from which students can think and discuss.

I have always tried to get away from my comfort zone. Therefore being Student Trainer is another opportunity to challenge myself and to develop valuable skills. I am also excited to work as part of a team and to move forwards altogether.

I believe that volunteering is a great opportunity for me to give back to the university some of the skills and knowledge they offer. I am looking forward to contributing to its development as an active participant. My personal interests include water polo and running, cooking and photography.

Here's what one of our previous Student Trainers said about being part of the programme...

"Skills training has not only enhanced my employability skills and job prospects but my experience as a student. Getting professional training on how to design and deliver effective presentations helped me enormously. I was able to use my new skills in interviews and assessment centres and this lead me to securing a placement at Goldman Sachs. The decision to apply to be a Student Trainer was one of the best I've ever made!"

Sam Ollason, Student Trainer Co-Chair 2014/15