Each year we recruit a small number of students, from all disciplines and year groups, backgrounds and nationalities, who are interested in becoming part of our Student Trainer team. 

You will gain the tools to deliver engaging workshops to culturally diverse audiences to train your peers on topics such as group work, public speaking, time management and organisation skills. These are all very attractive to employers when recruiting. It’s a fantastic way to learn advanced presentation, communication and team working skills, as well as a great way to meet new people.

Our trainers have gone on to outstanding placements with companies such as Goldman Sachs and Disney. 

"Skills training has not only enhanced my employability skills and job prospects but my experience as a student. Getting professional training on how to design and deliver effective presentations helped me enormously. I was able to use my new skills in interviews and assessment centres and this lead me to securing a placement at Goldman Sachs. The decision to apply to be a Student Trainer was one of the best I've ever made!"

Sam Ollason, Student Trainer Co-Chair 2014/15

If you are successfully chosen, we give you an intensive two day "Train the Trainer" experience, delivered by Dr Margarida Dolan, an international consultant. She will guide you through the process of becoming an articulate, well researched, presentable and successful trainer. 

Student Trainers 2018/19

This year, seven Student Trainers were recruited to receive personal training and will lead sessions during the 2018/19 academic year. Click on a Student Trainer to read why they wanted to join the programme.

Alicia Martin

BSc (Hons) Economics and Mathematics (Year 2)

During my first year at Bath I was part of the Ladies Basketball Society and got involved in volunteering opportunities, including the Hitch-Hike to Amsterdam. However, I wanted a role with greater impact and responsibility within the University, which is why I applied to become a Student Trainer. I attended several Skills Training workshops last year, as I believe that students now need to find new ways to set themselves apart when applying for jobs, and I found them extremely useful. I hope to be able to develop other students’ transferable skills through my own workshops and pass on my own knowledge. It excites me to delve into challenging situations, such as working with other Student Trainers to create unique, engaging and informative workshops, as well as enhancing my presentation and communication skills, particularly as my course doesn’t provide many opportunities to do this.

I am keen to use my skills over the summer whilst teaching English in Thailand and bring back the teaching techniques I learn. Other roles I will be taking on next year are Fresher’s Week Captain and Peer Mentor. Further, I hope to try out some new societies and get involved with more volunteering opportunities, such as Zombie Apocalypse

Eve Bellers

BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences (Year 2)

I am really happy to be joining the new team of Student Trainers this year! I want to provide a platform for students to interact with others, and interesting workshops which are diverse and useful. I encourage students to see their time at university as a safe place to take risks and to grasp the vast number of opportunities available to us.

The key message I have taken from the skills sessions I have attended so far is that personal reflection is a really powerful tool and means you can move forward being more conscious of your own attributes, while facing new situations with critical thinking. Now that I am a Student Trainer I will try to become a compelling public speaker and transfer the overall message that learning and developing our skills is a life-long process which can be rewarding and empowering.

Outside of my studies and part-time jobs, I enjoy dancing and compete in competitions with the Bodysoc Society. Through being a Hall Rep and an Edge Arts board member, I have met lots of interesting people from many different countries, which is one of my favourite aspects of being at an international university!

Hannah Murray John

BSc (Hons) International Development and Economics (Year 2)

I wanted to become a Student Trainer in order to support other students in improving their transferable skills and guiding their personal development - which will increase their confidence in everyday situations. I am keen to strengthen my own communication and presentation skills, and looking forward to being part of the team and learning from each other.

Peer training is wonderful way to support others to improve their skills through interactive and valuable workshops; it’s a unique learning opportunity. My experience in fundraising and presenting has given me a strong foundation to provide effective sessions to other students. I very much look forward to working alongside members of the Student Trainer team to develop my fellow students’ invaluable transferable skills.

Maria M Kassimou

BSc (Hons) Psychology (Year 2)

I applied to join the Student Trainer team because I hope to inspire other students to use all possible opportunities the University provides in order to create a brighter future for themselves. I am keen to provide productive training workshops to students on a range of topics which will provide them with key transferable skills that will complement their degree qualifications.

I am a firm believer that we learn something new every day, therefore through this role I want to help foster student commitment to individual development and challenge myself to develop new skills. I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and work collaboratively on engaging workshops in a creative learning environment. I will share my own experience and that of others by working in closely with the other trainers.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons as well as giving back to the community. Through my role as a Student Trainer I aim to give back to the University. My personal interests include dance, tennis, travelling and music.

Maria Stepien

BSc (Hons) Management and Marketing (Year 2)

I am a second year Management with Marketing student. As a Fresher, I got deeply involved in voluntary activities through the University, and played leading roles in events organised by the School of Management. I also supported various events’ organisation, led sessions in Conversation Club, and became a Student Ambassador and Lead Peer Mentor. I enjoy working with people and having a chance to share my knowledge in a creative and engaging way, and wanted to contribute to the development of transferable skills.

My reasons for wanting to become a Student Trainer can be divided in two categories. Firstly, I wanted to make it easier for workshop participants to feel more self-confident while delivering presentations and public speeches. It is always more enjoyable to learn in a comfortable environment among peers where we get the chance to meet new friends with similar interests. I wanted to have my influence on that. Secondly, I wanted to develop myself. As such, I wanted to develop my teamwork abilities, improve my organisation skills and enhance my own understanding of diversity through sharing life experiences with people my age.

Personally, I am a scout, belong to Mountaineering Club, enjoy playing the guitar and reading books about Public Speaking and Marketing. I am looking forward to taking an active part in the organisation of our workshops!

Medh Wills

MSc (Hons) Natural Sciences (Year 2)

Hey, I’m Medb, a NatSci student from Ireland and I respond to any vague ‘M’ sounds.

I really wanted to become a Student Trainer to remain involved in the University. I loved my role as a Hall Rep for Eastwood B last year and Student Trainer was the most natural way to continue my role as a Student Leader. At a personal level I aim to improve my public speaking skills; at a University level I want to promote the importance of personal and employability skills workshops, and develop specific Freshers’ workshops which will, hopefully, make the transition to university life easier.

Be assured, I have the skills required to develop and deliver these workshops. Most notably - creativity (stacking snacks like tetris and carrying them upstairs) and, presentation skills (including a very nice powerpoint explaining why Eurovision was the most important thing on TV that day). This year I am taking on a few other roles in the university such as Peer Mentor for baby NatSci’s and Stem ambassador, where I hope to deliver science workshops to less privileged schools in the Bath area. I’m really looking forward to this year and I hope you guys are too.

Monica Diep

MPharm (Hons) Pharmacy (Year 4)

I applied to become a Student Trainer because I’m passionate about personal development and this gives me an opportunity to help others while improving myself at the same time.

My course has allowed me to gain communication skills with a wide range of audiences, but has not exposed me to much public speaking, making it something that used to scare me. This role is perfect for forcing me outside of my comfort zone and improving my confidence and skills in this area. I have definitely felt incapable and lost at times during University, but attending the skills sessions and the training for Student Trainers has been so useful and has helped massively!

It has inspired me to promote the Skills Training Programme and empower others who have may felt this way, by helping them realise their capabilities and learn new skills that they may not get taught on their course. I think having a student-led programme like this at University is very important as it can be less intimidating to ask for advice and the content has been made by students, for students, so is applicable and relevant. In my spare time, I like painting, running, photography and volunteering by delivering science workshops to children.

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