Q: How would you describe skills training sessions to someone who has never been before?

A: Skills training sessions aim to provide you with additional skills that will be helpful at some point in your academic studies or in the future. These are not only useful, but also fun. By attending these sessions, you are able to learn something of your interest that cannot be obtained through your university course. Also, some sessions are credible for Bath Award, and it will be a big achievement if you can accomplish it! Last but not the least, these sessions are free to sign up, and definitely worth having a go!

Q: Why should other students sign up to the skills training sessions?

A: By attending these sessions, you can make friends who have the same interest as you while learning a new skill. They are worthwhile to try for personal development and are a good way to spend your free time. These sessions are very relaxing and all the trainers (staff or student) are very friendly. Importantly, these sessions are free resource for you so please do not waste it.

Q: What has been the most positive things about attending the skills training sessions?

A: The skills training sessions that I attended this year taught me a lot. Most of the time, the content was not hard to grasp and was very thorough. Especially, it was very inspiring to be with other students who had the same interest and who were also eager to acquire additional skills. Additionally, the student trainers were very positive, friendly and patient, created an enjoyable learning environment.

Q: What has surprised you about attending sessions that you were not anticipating? For example sessions led by the student trainers?

A: Only one of the sessions I attended was led by student trainers, but it was surprising to see how calm, mature and organised they were when facing us. At the beginning, I did not know what student trainers were, and I thought they were professionally trained, not realising that they were also students just the same as me. They were good role models, encouraging me to learn more.

Even in the most familiar areas, there is always more to learn.

Q: How have the sessions helped you with your course/ for your future?

A: Essay writing has always been my weakness, especially at university degree level. The first few training sessions I attended gave me some understanding as how to approach writing essays, such as how to structure it and how to write it more concisely. The student trainer session I attended provided me with some knowledge as how to manage my time and use it more efficiently, after all, at university, there is no one to help me create a timetable and there are lots of ‘free’ periods. Yet, due to deadlines/exams, it would have been problematic if time was not managed properly. Besides, IT skills have helped me with data analysis as well as creating better presentation with PowerPoint.

Q: What made you decide to attend many of the sessions?

A: At first, I wanted to give it a try since my friends recommended it. Also, I was very confused about essay writing at university degree level, so I signed up to some lunch-time writing sessions. Later on, I signed up to many IT sessions because of interest in this area and lack of opportunity to learn about it through my academic study. Meanwhile, I signed up to some other sessions, such as time management and event organisation, as I believe these will be helpful at some point. These sessions are scheduled outside my lecture time, so I thought they were good ways to fill up my free time while learning something new, plus they were free to attend. I feel these sessions have really taught me something, and it is this that really motivates me to attend many sessions.

Q: If you had to sum up the session in three words, what would they be?

A: Useful - for academic study or future career at some point

Enjoyable - you can choose to develop skills that you are interested in learning and everyone is friendly with a relaxing learning atmosphere

Inspiring - a sense of achievement when acquiring a new skill and there are other students who are also passionate in the area you are interested in,