W H O    A R E    W E?
Welcome to Bath's new Tea Society. Our mindset is a good cuppa can solve anything. Whether you need a cheer up and a chat, meet fellow tea-lovers or a break then welcome to SocieTEA.
Tea is for all, and we stand by this, which is why everyone is included in SocieTEA. We aim to create a calm environment, away from the stress and the pressure of university life.

W H A T    D O    W E    D O?
With fortnightly meetings and a specialiTEA of the month, you won't miss out on what we have brewing. We believe in doing our bit for the planet so be sure to bring your own mug!

S O C I A L S :
Throughout the year there will be many opportunities to indulge further in tea, including T2 workshops, cafe crawls and meet & greets. For more information about upcoming events, check out our Facebook page (link to the left).


Inclusivity Feedback Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeR0-r9MuME5ghiRPEDKNq-O_3CUGKjqsUu_pxkiGNutfu6TQ/viewform?usp=sf_link



  • SocieTEA - SocieTEA’s 1st Birthday (Members) 2019£0.00
  • SocieTEA - SocieTEA’s 1st Birthday (Non-Members) 2019£1.00



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